Former Hofstra University Dean Joins BASCOM to Helm Company's K-12 Internet Initiatives

"Dean E. Bennett to expand BASCOM's "eSchool Connect" program, designed to safely and effectively integrate "enriched" online learning with school curricula.

Hauppauge, NY - September 19, 2000—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc. (BASCOM), pioneering developers of "e-curriculum" connectivity solutions for K-12 schools, today announces the appointment of Dean E. Bennett, former Assistant Dean of Admissions at Hofstra University, to further develop the company's "eSchool Connect" program. A widely respected education professional with a technology background, Mr. Bennett will continue to work with educators and school technologists across the country to drive the ongoing development of BASCOM's flagship K-12 connectivity solution, the Internet Communications Server (ICS). First introduced over two years ago, the ICS has become the "learning on-ramp" of choice among educators and parents seeking to unlock the vast learning potential of the Internet, providing teachers with a means of efficiently aggregating curriculum-centric resources and a safe environment for student research and communications. The soon-to-be announced ICS 3.0 provides drop-in, turn-on easy installation, "secure in seconds" firewall protection, remote administration, enhanced Internet access management capabilities, an expanded Global Chalkboard (a premier education portal), and other new features, making it the most complete K-12 connectivity solution available.

"Dean brings to BASCOM invaluable experience and perspective from the standpoint of an education professional who understands the issues teachers grapple with on a daily basis, particularly on how the Internet can be used to extend classroom learning," said Peter Cirasole, BASCOM President. "Over the next six months, Dean will be spearheading a number of initiatives designed to raise awareness of how the Internet can be effectively and safely integrated into the curriculum. He will also be conducting ongoing dialogue with educators, school administrators and parents in our unwavering commitment to making the ICS an indispensable classroom learning tool, providing students across the country with the resources they need to broaden their horizons, develop their skills and become productive citizens."

As Assistant Dean of Admissions for Hofstra University, Dean Bennett was responsible for recruiting students across the 5 boroughs of NYC and sections of Long Island. During his tenure with Hofstra, Dean spoke widely at schools and area colleges, focusing on admissions requirements and financial aid issues. Prior to his association with Hofstra, Dean served as a Sales Support Executive with ADI in Syosset, NY, where he helped develop sales and marketing programs for their Voice and Data Cable Business Unit. Dean was also a teacher in the Huntington and Uniondale School Districts.

"I am excited about the opportunity of working with a team of professionals dedicated to maximizing the Internet's potential as the most powerful learning tool since the chalkboard," said Dean Bennett. "As a former educator with a strong technology background, I fully understand the challenges teachers face in striving to create vibrant - and safe - learning environments for their students. I look forward to working with educators in providing a tool that facilitates easy access to a universe of web-based curriculum-centric resources, enriching and stimulating classroom learning."

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About the Global Chalkboard

BASCOM's Global Chalkboard is an innovative and flexible teaching tool that uses the Internet for learning. The Global Chalkboard provides immediate access to educational Web sites and builds Web-enriched lessons mapped to curriculum goals and state standards.

The Global Chalkboard is both flexible and easy to use. It offers a novice user immediate access to educational sites with the Web Library; it offers an intermediate user prepackaged, ready-to-use BASCOM lessons; and it offers an advanced user a method of building their own, web-based lessons using the Global Chalkboard's Lesson Creator.


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