The Global Chalkboard Delivers an Improved Firewall with Superior Performance

Hauppauge, New York - November 28, 2007 — BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., the innovative developer of the Global Chalkboard Internet solution, today proudly delivers new improvements to the system's built-in firewall. In direct response to suggestions made by our customers, BASCOM's Development Team enhanced the functionality of the Global Chalkboard to make its firewall easier to administer and to improve performance.

Today's announcement exemplifies BASCOM's commitment to providing its customers with the best possible tools for managing the Internet for classroom use, including network safety components of the Global Chalkboard such as the firewall. The new firewall enhancements include: the ability to instantly activate and deactivate firewall rules, to quickly create new rules for multiple workstations, and to easily assign a rule to multiple ports and port ranges. In addition to this new functionality for creating and administering rules, the firewall has improved performance and enhanced pass-through support for PPTP, L2TP and IPSEC VPN's.
The Global Chalkboard delivers age-appropriate, educational Web content and enables teachers to build online activities that support curriculum, while also functioning as an Internet safety system by providing network components, such as a firewall and a Web cache, that are self-managed. The Global Chalkboard's all-inclusive approach to Internet management alleviates a school's burden of purchasing, configuring and actively managing various Internet safety appliances.

About the Global Chalkboard

BASCOM's Global Chalkboard is an innovative and flexible teaching tool that uses the Internet for learning. The Global Chalkboard provides immediate access to educational Web sites and builds Web-enriched lessons mapped to curriculum goals and state standards.

The Global Chalkboard is both flexible and easy to use. It offers a novice user immediate access to educational sites with the Web Library; it offers an intermediate user prepackaged, ready-to-use BASCOM lessons; and it offers an advanced user a method of building their own, web-based lessons using the Global Chalkboard's Lesson Creator.


BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc. is a software development company specializing in curriculum-based, Internet management solutions for K-12 schools. From our beginning in 1996, BASCOM has focused on producing, next-generation, curriculum tools for the K-12 education market.

BASCOM's goal is to help children become successful learners by safely extracting the educational content of the Web. This is accomplished by building Internet teaching tools based on input we've received from K-12 educators. We are constantly adapting our products to meet the changing needs of today's teachers.

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