BASCOM Launches Patronus™ - A Flexible, Easy-to-Use Filtering Solution for Libraries

Hauppauge, New York - May 21, 2008—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., an innovative developer of Internet security tools for a variety of learning environments, today proudly announces the release of Patronus—a fast, flexible, easy to use solution that supports a library's Internet use policies. With this robust CIPA-compliant system, a librarian decides how much of the Internet is acceptable for each patron. They can instantly turn filtering on and off—alternating between open access and unobtrusive filtering—and customize access for age-appropriate Internet use by using different Profiles for adults, young adults, and children.

Technology Directors benefit since Patronus is a plug and go, server appliance with automatic, remote upgrades and configuration back-ups. An integrated firewall protects the network from outside intruders or inside hackers, and an integrated Web Cache frees bandwidth and improves productivity. Patronus also meets the challenges of providing safe, secure Wi-Fi access. As a single, cost effective, drop-in solution, it secures community wireless access so that patrons can now use their laptops to access the Internet while inside the library without clogging the internal network with video downloads or exposing it to viruses and hacking from unknown computers.

"Patronus is a perfect example of how our Internet security solutions are designed around the needs of a particular learning environment," states Peter Cirasole, BASCOM's President/CEO. "By using Patronus as a filtering solution, everyone benefits; librarians are easily able to implement their library's Internet use policies, technology directors have an easy to manage, secure server solution, and patrons receive age-appropriate access."

About the Global Chalkboard

BASCOM's Global Chalkboard is an innovative and flexible teaching tool that uses the Internet for learning. The Global Chalkboard provides immediate access to educational Web sites and builds Web-enriched lessons mapped to curriculum goals and state standards.

The Global Chalkboard is both flexible and easy to use. It offers a novice user immediate access to educational sites with the Web Library; it offers an intermediate user prepackaged, ready-to-use BASCOM lessons; and it offers an advanced user a method of building their own, web-based lessons using the Global Chalkboard's Lesson Creator.


BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc. is a software development company specializing in curriculum-based, Internet management solutions for K-12 schools. From our beginning in 1996, BASCOM has focused on producing, next-generation, curriculum tools for the K-12 education market.

BASCOM's goal is to help children become successful learners by safely extracting the educational content of the Web. This is accomplished by building Internet teaching tools based on input we've received from K-12 educators. We are constantly adapting our products to meet the changing needs of today's teachers.

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