Hauppauge Company Wins $10M in AOL Lawsuit

November 10, 2011 - Newsday recently announced that BASCOM, a Hauppauge software-development company, sued AOL Inc. for patent infringement and won a $10-million jury award.

A federal jury in U.S. District Court in Central Islip made the damage award to Bascom Global Internet Services Inc. on Friday after a trial that lasted about a week.

BASCOM Wins $10M AOL Lawsuit

November 10, 2011 – Long Island Business News recently announced that BASCOM won a huge victory as a federal court jury determined Internet giant AOL had infringed on one of BASCOM’s patents.

The jury in Central Islip awarded BASCOM $10 million in damages as a royalty for AOL infringing on a patent held by BASCOM for software used to remotely filter adult or other inappropriate content. BASCOM’s Internet filtering solutions and curriculum building software are used heavily by public school systems and other educational organizations.

Local Software Firm Develops a Product Around a School District's Concerns

BASCOM’s Anywhere Filter in Long Island Business News (181 kb PDF)

Nov. 2010—Long Island Business News interviewed Brian Sandak, the District Network and System Administrator of Port Jefferson School District, about using BASCOM’s new Anywhere Filter for the Lenovo ThinkPad notebook computers purchased for their entire sixth grade. BASCOM’s Global Chalkboard has been the filtering solution for the district’s network for roughly seven years. When the Port Jefferson school administrators decided to purchase these new mobile devices for their students, Sandak began wondering how best to prevent them from being used to access inappropriate content.

To solve this problem, Sandak contacted BASCOM for some help. As a result, BASCOM built its Anywhere Filter and unveiled it at the Long Island Technology Summit. With this new development schools can now safely incorporate laptops and mobile devices into education. “We always look for suggestions from our customers,” said Diane Hagan, Marketing Communications Director for BASCOM. “Then we do our best to implement them into our products.”

What's New Features My Web Library

October 2009 - Tech & Learning magazine announced the new release of BASCOM's My Web Library in its What's New section. With easy access to thousands of teacher-reviewed Web sites organized by K-12 categories (and subcategories) and grade levels, My Web Library gives a school community an academic Web presence that compliments their existing Web site.

Now students can enjoy having a fun, graphical portal for finding quality educational sites; parents can love the freedom it gives them by making homework assignments easier; and administrators can prove their commitment to funding technology with tax dollars used for Internet education.

Seton Creates Web Links to Cyber Library

January 26, 2009 - In a recent online article posted to, Seton Catholic Central, a parochial school in Plattsburg, NY, announced that it has created a portal to help its school community travel through cyber space. By launching BASCOM's My Web Library, the students, teachers and parents of Seton Catholic can now find educational sites for use both in school and at home.

Students plan to use My Web Library for their schoolwork, teachers plan to use it for their lesson plans and to find Web resources for their curriculum, and parents plan to use it as a resource center for a wide range of topics, including college planning, financial aid, drug- and alcohol-abuse prevention, and Internet safety.

By releasing BASCOM's My Web Library, Seton Catholic adds a new dimension to its Web presence and strengthens its commitment to integrating technology into curriculum.

LISA 2007 Long Island Software Awards

May 4-10, 2007 - Long Island Business News published a special insert honoring a decade of accomplishments for the Long Island Software & Technology Network (LISTnet) and recognizing its 2007 LISA award winners. In this issue Peter Goldsmith, LISTnet's President, quoted Will Rogers by saying "Even if you're on the right track, you will get run over if you stay still." He went on further to congratulate BASCOM and all other partners of LISTnet for their contribution over the last 10 years and to give them credit for keeping LISTnet growing and moving forward.

Long Island Business News sited BASCOM's new Global Chalkboard 5.0 as a LISA 2007 Long Island Software award winner for its outstanding software and its innovative technical solution for K-12 schools.

The Long Island Software Awards with an "S" showcase the strength and diversity of Long Island's software industry. By recognizing excellence in a wide range of software products, the LISA seek to stimulate creative interaction among those engaged in software development and application on Long Island, and to give these activities a higher recognition.

New Technology Will Greet Students in the Archdiocese of Washington

August 25, 2005 - In a story announced first on 630 WMAL, teachers, parents and students in the Archdiocese of Washington are now able to access an on-line library of safe, educational Web sites using BASCOM's Web Library, a component of BASCOM's Global Chalkboard. This educational portal for the Internet is the first in this region. This exciting back-to-school announcement aired on 630 WMAL during the morning commute, the most listened to time.

Internet Safety - Boys & Girls Clubs Program Protects Kids

October 29, 2003 - The Boys and Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls now have a solution for safely using the Internet - BASCOM's Global Chalkboard. Learn how the club employs this Internet management tool to provide instant links to pre-screened, educational Web sites appropriate for their school-age members.

Accessing A Universe

January 21, 2003 - Teachers all across Long Island are finding creative ways to use the Internet to stimulate students' thinking. Karen LiVecchi, the computer science teacher at East Moriches, gives specific examples of how the Internet is used to explore science topics. (East Moriches uses BASCOM's Global Chalkboard to safely build virtual classrooms.)

Web Watchers - Update: Filtering Tools

January, 2003 - Appearing first on the list, BASCOM's Global Chalkboard Solution is described as more of an Internet tool for educators than as filtering software. It enables teachers to integrate Web-based resources into the curriculum while preserving their ability to locally manage Internet use.

Internet Services Company Forms Education Division

September, 2001 - BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., a software development company specializing in Internet infrastructure systems, has formed an Education Services division. The division is aimed at providing on-site training to administrators and teachers in the effective use of the Internet in classroom instruction. In keeping with the objectives outlined in the U.S. Department of Education's National Educational Technology Plan, the courses will improve the preparation of teachers in their knowledge of how to use technology for effective teaching and learning.
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