Why Choose Web Content Filtering Built for Learning?

Using the Internet effectively in schools requires web content filtering built specifically for learning environments. Creating a school content filter that can meet the diverse and unique challenges of teaching with the Internet requires a complete immersion in the education market. Selecting and implementing a school content filter not specifically designed for education can be like “fitting a square peg into a round hole.”


The Perfect Fit: Web Filters for Schools

For web content filtering to effectively support instruction it must be flexible and support the interactions needed for learning. It must be able to block inappropriate content, yet have the flexibility to allow sites with instructional value. Web filters for schools must provide access to sites that are educational, even if they are not allowed because they are part of a larger group that is being blocked. This ability should be available without intervention from IT or instructional staff.

Filters not designed for a learning environment are challenged when faced with this type of scenario. Quality learning sites are blocked and teachers are often frustrated because they cannot get access to Internet content they know to be appropriate for learning.


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