Catholic School Web Filter Endorsement


Christie Rader, Technology Coordinator for Immaculate Conception School, discusses how teachers, students, and parents benefit from the BASCOM Web Library.



Catholic Web Filter includes BASCOM Web Library

Watch this video to see why a technology director in a Catholic School chooses BASCOM’s school content filter with features built for schools. Learn about the educational advantages of using the BASCOM Web Library, an attractive, easy-to-use online portal of thousands of sites selected by educators. It conveniently organizes sites in curriculum categories so that teachers, students, and parents can quickly locate educational information.

BASCOM School Content Filter with Web Library Improves Productivity

The Web Library helps teachers, students, and parents to find sites quickly by classifying them by grade and rating. It eliminates time wasted by trying to find appropriate sites using search engines. By using the Web Library included with a BASCOM filter teachers no longer have to type cumbersome URLs or set bookmarks on every computer in their lab or classroom.

Learn More about BASCOM’s Catholic Web Filter for Schools

Find out why a school content filter built by BASCOM, an education technology expert, provides instructional advantages. Learn how a Catholic web filter supports education by including the BASCOM Web Library. For more information fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.


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