New BASCOM Chromebook Cloud Filter Integrates
with the Google Management Console to Deliver a
Zero-Touch, No-Proxy Solution for Schools

Hauppauge, NY—June 25, 2014—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., a PK-12 educational expert, today announces the release of a no-proxy, Chromebook web filter for Anywhere Filter Cloud™ to support collaborative learning with Google Apps for Education™ (GAfE) program using Chromebook™ notebooks. BASCOM Anywhere Filter Cloud, a mobile filter built specifically for schools, reinforces its position as a best-of-breed K-12 solution by delivering zero-touch, Chromebook 1:1 filtering with directory services integration. This new addition allows administrators to easily deploy and manage filtering for 1:1 Chromebook initiatives so students can safely use these devices anytime, anywhere.

Zero-Touch, Chromebook Web Filter Integrates with Google Management Console

Deploying 1:1 Chromebook programs is easy for IT Administrators with BASCOM’s new Chromebook cloud filter. Using the Google Apps Admin Control Panel, filtering policies can quickly be pushed out to Chromebook devices. From the Anywhere Filter Cloud console, unique filter policies can be assigned to Google Apps Organizational Units, groups, or users to customize access depending upon educational needs and learning objectives. Using a single sign-on, students, teachers, and school administrators are administered the policies established for their organizational units based on their GAfE accounts.

“Now, Chromebook notebooks can be easily filtered and monitored without taxing your bandwidth,” says Robert DeRosa, BASCOM’s Chief Technology Officer. “By integrating our solution with GAfE, these devices can be quickly deployed for use anytime, anywhere.”

Collaborative Learning Using GAfE and Chromebook Devices

IT staff are challenged with providing mobile devices that can safely be used for collaborative learning both in school and at home. Since Chromebook notebooks integrate well with GAfE and offer a low-cost solution, they fit the current trend in education. In response to this growing demand, BASCOM has added Chromebook web filtering to Anywhere Filter Cloud and can quickly deliver cloud-based mobile filtering to these devices.

Chromebook Cloud Filter with Patented Technology Improves Learning & Saves Money

Anywhere Filter Cloud is simple to configure and manage. Designed for schools, it delivers a cloud filtering service with built-in reporting and educational features for using the Internet productively for learning. With YouTube for Schools* support, SafeSearch enforcement, the ability to granularly select web content using customizable categories, and the ability to create multiple profiles to meet the various needs of staff and students, this CIPA compliant filter provides both the convenience of a cloud service and the benefits of a best-of-breed solution designed for schools.

Using our patented Chromebook cloud filter with BASCOM Smart Access Technology™, Anywhere Filter Cloud immediately recognizes when a mobile device leaves and returns to the network and filters using fast, lightweight communication that expedites productive, Internet learning while conserving bandwidth. It provides the filtering needed to support a variety of mobile devices—such as iPad®, Windows®, OS X®, and Chromebook—and can work alongside an existing filter or operate as a standalone solution.

*YouTube does not currently support the use of YouTube for Schools on iOS devices.



BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc. is an innovative software development and professional services firm specializing in patented security that ensures the safe and effective use of the Internet for learning in PK-12, libraries, and community organizations. Since its founding in 1996, BASCOM has produced network security and web filtering, mobile filtering, and Internet curriculum building tools for education. BASCOM fills a void in a market unaddressed by technology companies and overlooked by traditional education companies. Its solutions strike an innovative balance between the traditional needs of IT staff and the special needs of educators to deliver easy to use solutions for integrating the Internet into curriculum.

BASCOM makes its core technology and intellectual property available through distributors, Value Added Resellers (VARs), network integrators, OEMs, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). BASCOM is a privately held company located in Hauppauge, New York.

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