Chromebook Web Filtering in the Cloud

Anywhere Filter Cloud™, built by a PK-12 educational expert with over 17 years of experience, now delivers no-proxy, Chromebook™ filtering for BASCOM customers that integrates with the Google Management Console. With directory services integration and zero-touch deployment to Google Apps users and groups, it provides an easy to use solution for Chromebook 1:1 initiatives. Combining ease of management with an industry-leading, best-of-breed school filter in an established solution provides a Chromebook cloud filter ideal for many learning environments.

Anywhere Filter Cloud uses patented filtering with BASCOM Smart Access Technology™ and SSL inspection to filter Chromebook notebooks. By immediately detecting when a device leaves and returns to the network it supports productive Internet learning by using fast, lightweight communication. This no-proxy method delivers significant gains in throughput and saves money since traffic doesn’t go through a school’s network.

Chromebook Web Filtering using the Google Management Console

With seamless integration to the Google Management Console, Anywhere Filter Cloud empowers IT staff to easily deploy a 1:1 Chromebook filter. Depending upon learning objectives, unique filter policies that customize Internet access can quickly be pushed out from the console to Google Apps Organization Units. Using a single sign-on, students, teachers, and administrators are assigned the policies established for their organizational units based on their Google Apps for Education (GAfE) accounts.

Safe Collaborative Learning using a Chromebook Cloud Filter

Many schools are adopting the GAfE program to help students acquire high level skills such as collaboration, communication, and organization. As learning evolves and pedagogical models such as the “Flipped Classroom” are used, IT staff is challenged with providing devices that can be safely used both in school and at home. Chromebook notebooks are easy to use, integrate easily with GAfE, and provide an ideal low-cost solution for implementing a Flipped Classroom and administering state testing such as PARCC and Smarter Balanced online assessments. When used with Anywhere Filter Cloud, they provide secure technology that just works and doesn’t get in the way of education.



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