Collaborative Community Learning Centers Accelerate Social Change

altYou’re a community center and you face an increasing number of challenges as you seek to expand opportunities for the populations you serve. To accelerate social change, you must increase your efficiency by:

  • Readily adapting to the emerging needs of your community.
  • Supporting your most valuable asset: your people.
  • Customizing solutions for the varied individuals you serve.
  • Maximizing the value of your staff by making them more productive.
  • Providing pathways for learning.

My Communitas™… a Collaborative Learning Community Center

My CommunitasWith My Communitas—a community learning center —you can instantly launch an identity for your learning community that becomes your platform for education and collaboration. The My Communitas collaborative learning community supports your members, staff, and volunteers by delivering a self-service instructional model with quality educational resources to:

  • Support the learning initiatives of your workforce and volunteers.
  • Provide the resources needed to respond to community needs.
  • Build new paths to self reliance and a better life.

Build a foundation for community learning and engagement with My Communitas. Schedule a complimentary demo today and fill out the form on this page. See how building a collaborative community learning center can support your members, help you define your mission and create a customized and professional Web presence.

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