Content Filtering for Schools

Customizing Internet Access with Content Filtering for Schools

Frontera offers Access Zones to deliver content filtering for schools and organizations that can be customized to the amount of Internet access needed. Selecting an Access Zone is easy to do. It can be accomplished globally for a school, or it can be set while creating a lesson. The Global Chalkboard is a flexible school content filtering solution. It gives customers the ability to access as much or as little of the Internet as required.alt

Lesson Zone

The Lesson Zone enables students to access only the Web sites chosen by the teacher for that lesson, and nothing else. With the Lesson Zone, the students remain "on task" as the they use the Internet. This type of school content filter is especially useful when creating lessons for At-Risk students. Learn more on using the Global Chalkboard for Academic Intervention Services

School Zone

The School Zone contains the Web Library, an online catalog of focused, educational Web resources for educators and students. The K-12, education-specific portal contains a continually updated selection of educator-reviewed Web sites organized by essential curriculum categories (e.g. Math, ELA, The Arts, and Science). The Web Library is only available to authorized subscribers of the system, and serves as a starting point, making Internet research easier for beginners and faster for experienced users.

Research Zone

This highly customizable zone of our school content filter provides teachers the option to let students access the entire Internet, except for a list of "blocked" sites. Students can explore and research at greater depth with greater safety. Educators may override aspects of the filter to allow sites that would normally be blocked by this function or they may add sites to be filtered out instantly. This means no waiting for "the filter company" to review and respond to requests for changes in the list.

Click here for a definition of the contents of each filter category in the Research Zone. (220 KB PDF)

Internet Zone

This zone gives schools the choice of offering users full and unrestricted Internet access. With a quick change of the Learning Zone setting, complete, unrestricted Internet access is provided to selected users.

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