K-12 Webinars/Demos

Internet Filtering Webinars

  alt Internet Filters and Web 2.0 in K-12 Schools: Can't they just get along?   (Recorded Webinar-39 min.)
This Internet filtering webinar addresses the key challenges that occur when trying to use Web 2.0 applications in a school with traditional school Internet filters. Then, it explores how to fix those issues with Internet-enriched lessons, student library portals and Web 2.0 applications.

Internet Filtering Demos

View the online Internet filtering demos below to see the Global Chalkboard from two perspectives: the student and the teacher.*

The Global Chalkboard 5.0 Student's Experience (Online Demo)
This demo shows the end result, or student experience, of using Student Start Pages to complete an exercise. A Student Start Page is the online assignment sheet created when a teacher builds a Web lesson.

The Global Chalkboard 5.0 Teacher's Experience (Online Demo)
This demo shows you how a teacher creates a Web lesson and builds a Student Start Page.

Watch both Internet filtering demos to see how the Internet is transformed into a classroom resource!
* It is recommended that the demos be viewed in the order they are presented.

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