Kiddie Academy eLearning

eLearning Builds Business by Winning the Hearts of Parents and Children

Kiddie Academy eLearningSubscribe to Kiddie Academy® eLearning to strengthen your image and build trust with parents. Let it win their hearts—and the hearts of their children—so you can increase and maintain your enrollment. And, most importantly, use it to grow revenue by distinguishing your school from others.

 "A new franchisee asked me at Conference what I recommended to help him with technology in his school.  I had only one recommendation: Subscribe to eLearning."

Bill Schmidt, Franchisee
Kiddie Academy of Lakewood Ranch

 "When talking to parents about eLearning, they express that their child is learning how to use the computer and mouse, and it also educates them. Parents enjoy that they can take the lesson home and their child can continue with their 'games' while dinner is being prepared."

"eLearning is a wonderful learning tool. There are tons of different categories. Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science are my favorite subjects on eLearning. We can pick and choose programs that go with the theme and curriculum we are learning about at that time."

—David Rudnick, Franchisee
Kiddie Academy of Stoughton, Massachusetts


eLearning with BASCOM Frontera for School Content Filtering

eLearning can be used with BASCOM Frontera, a CIPA compliant filter, to provide school content filtering in your academy. Frontera is an Internet security tool built for learning that combines advanced web filtering solutions with a firewall, reporting and other networking components. It's a maintenance free filter ideal for preschools.

Use Kiddie Academy eLearning for Safe Web Browsing

  • Parents and children get easy access to thousands of teacher-reviewed websites for use in school and at home.
  • Preschoolers—with the guidance of parents—can safely navigate the Internet by clicking on the subject areas of Life Essentials®.
  • School-age children can quickly find high-quality, educational websites in the K-12 Web Library.

Find Out How Your Academy Can Prosper Using eLearning with a CIPA Compliant Filter

BASCOM created Kiddie Academy eLearning in cooperation with Kiddie Academy. As an approved vendor and the exclusive provider of Internet education products and services for Kiddie Academy, BASCOM eLearning builds business, grows revenue, and promotes loyalty and family retention. Learn more about eLearning and how it can be used with Frontera for school content filtering by filling out a contact form or calling us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.

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