Independent Sales Representatives

BASCOM Independent Sales Representatives typically have, or are establishing, thriving consulting practices with K-12 schools and districts.  Our ISRs provide a variety of complementary products and services to schools, including:

  • Instructional resources, especially web-based resources.

  • Professional development, especially focusing on integrating technology into the curriculum.

  • IT consulting and technology planning, including 1:1 planning.

  • E-rate consulting – Schools receiving e-rate funds must certify that they are CIPA compliant, giving e-rate consultants an opening to introduce BASCOM filtering products to a school.

Introducing BASCOM filtering products to your K-12 customers shows them that you are not simply recommending the big-name, one-size-fits-all products that they can find anywhere, but that you are serious about providing best-of-breed solutions built specifically for K-12 learning environments.  

Opportunities for Independent Sales Representatives are available throughout the United States.  If interested, please contact Tony Foxen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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