The Global Chalkboard Web Library Provides Educator-Selected Websites

Frontera, BASCOM's web content filtering software includes the Global Chalkboard Web Library—an online portal of thousands of Websites hand-picked by BASCOM's in-house Education Specialists. The Web Library conveniently packages these educational sites; they are organized by curriculum categories in an attractive, easy-to-use online library.

The Web Library helps users to find Web sites quickly by classifying them by grade and Web site rating. It eliminates time wasted by trying to find appropriate sites using search engines. By using the Web Library teachers no longer have to type cumbersome URL s or set bookmarks on every computer in their lab or classroom.


Grade Level Classification

Web sites are graded as E (Elementary School), M (Middle School), or H (High School). Search results may be sorted based on grade level.

Web Site Rating

Web sites are evaluated and assigned a rating: A+, A, or B. The rating given to each Web site in the Web Library is based on the quality of content. If a Web site's rating falls below a B, it is not included in the Web Library.

Learn More About Frontera's. Global Chalkboard Web Library

BASCOM's Web Library unites technology with instruction. Join the hundreds of schools and libraries around the country that are currently using our technology to facilitate student achievement. To learn more or to schedule your personal demo, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726.

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