Frontera Overview

Frontera: Internet Filtering Built for Learning

  • An Internet security tool built for learning that combines advanced web filtering solutions with a firewall, reporting, and other networking components.
  • Includes automated maintenance to easily manage a large number of users.
  • Deploys on a virtualized machine, as a cloud-basedsolutin, or on a web filtering appliance.
Fast Facts

A comprehensive look at the key features of Frontera including:

  • Internet & Mobile Web Filtering
  • Integrated Firewall
  • Deployment: Appliance or Virtual Machine
  • Reporting
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How Does It Work

Internet Filter Designed for Learning

  • Delivers advanced web filtering and robust Internet security on a virtualized filter or maintenance-free appliance that's easy to install.
  • Simple installation on your virtual machine server or our plug and go purple box.
  • Safe browsing protects users both on and off network.
  • Secure your network from Internet threats with a built in filter and firewall.

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Key Questions

Frontera: Key Questions and Answers

  • Do I have to replace my existing school- or district-wide firewall?
  • Can I setup specific filtering profiles for students and teachers or for different groups?
  • Does it include mobile filtering or do I have to purchase that separately?
  • Is it built for schools?

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Assists in Addressing CIPA Requirements

  • Enforces your Acceptable Use Policies on CIPA compliant mobile devices.
  • Keeps students focused for a productive Internet learning experience.
  • Meets the E-Rate funding requirements for web filtering.

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How To Buy

How to Buy and Implement Frontera

  • A quick overview of the purchasing process for Frontera.
  • Tips on how to quickly learn more about Frontera.
  • Information on the steps involved in implementing the solution.

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Frontera - Our Design Philosophy

Frontera™—A Web Filtering Solution Built for Learning

Frontera is an innovative web and mobile filtering solution that includes many built-in educational features for productively using the Internet in the classroom. This video highlights PlayRight™—a comprehensive video management system built into Frontera. Learn how PlayRight supports YouTube for Schools so that teachers can easily focus students to select educational videos.

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