Safe Search Mode

Make Every Search a Safe Search with Frontera

SafeSearch is an Internet filtering feature that's built into Google, Yahoo and Bing, but BASCOM's Frontera takes it a step further. With Frontera's Safe Search mode, you can set SafeSearch once and forget about it. Frontera will enforce the SafeSearch settings even if a computer on your network is not set for it or a student tries to change the browser's settings.

Frontera allows the SafeSearch option to be set on each local network client, regardless of how that client has attempted to set up their SafeSearch level within their browser. Frontera makes sure that Google, Yahoo, or Bing doesn't let anything through that you wouldn't.

The Frontera SafeSearch option goes even further. It provides an extra layer of protection by preventing students from using popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask or AOL Search to access anonymous Web proxy sites. Frontera stops students in their tracks by intelligently blocking these proxy requests.

SafeSearch for Images and Cached Sites

Frontera also enforces SafeSearch results as they apply to images and cached sites. When Frontera filters a site, thumbnail images and cached versions of the filtered site will not appear in search results.

Learn More About BASCOM's Safe Search Tool

BASCOM's safe search mode works in conjunction with Google SafeSearch to prevent students from accessing inappropriate content. Join the hundreds of schools and libraries around the country that are currently using our technology to facilitate student achievement. To learn more or to schedule your personal demo, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726.

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