Casper Suite by JAMF, the Leading Mobile Device Management Solution, is Integrated with Anywhere Filter

View Keep Them Safe, Keep Them Managed to learn more about Anywhere Filter (Anywhere Filter section begins at 35:20) and Casper Suite.

Schools recognize the value of using mobile devices in education. However, managing and securing large numbers of iPad® and other mobile devices given to staff and students presents many challenges. After spending a significant amount of money on this new technology, you want to make sure your IT staff has the tools they need to protect your district’s investment.

A mobile device management (MDM) solution enables your IT staff to manage large scale deployments. It can increase the efficiency of your staff and reduce total cost of ownership by providing a framework that enforces software licensing compliance, security standards, and many other requirements.

As a leading supplier of technology solutions in PK-12, BASCOM realized the necessity of managing and securing large deployments and integrated Anywhere Filter™ with Casper Suite by JAMF. As a result of this integration, you can also use this proven MDM solution to readily manage your mobile filtering.

An MDM Solution for OS X and iOS Management

Casper Suite eases the burdens on your IT staff by delivering a platform for managing OS X® computers and iOS mobile devices. For OS X management, it provides client management for: inventory, imaging, patch management, software distribution, remote controls, settings and security management, license management, and usage management. For iOS management, it provides mobile device management for: inventory, configuration, security management, and app distribution.

By using Anywhere Filter with Casper Suite your IT staff is able to build and sustain a stable, secure, and manageable environment that enables computers and mobile devices to be used productively for learning.

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