K-12 White Papers

Technology White Papers

The K-12 technology white papers below examine many Global Chalkboard Internet filtering-related topics. Download the PDFs for white papers on connectivity, curriculum-based Internet management, BASCOM Professional Development and more.

SMARTrecover Framework for the Global Chalkboard (213kb PDF)
Learn how BASCOM's SMARTrecover Framework, a high availability solution for the Global Chalkboard, provides extra protection against network disruptions caused by unexpected hardware and software failures.

An Instructional Approach to Internet Management versus Filtering (127kb PDF)
It's one thing to filter or block content to the Internet. The problem is that filters don't help educators make the Internet useful in the classroom. BASCOM uses a completely different way to manage the Internet using a curriculum-based approach empowering educators to use Web resources in lessons.

Research Examines Classroom Internet Use (46kb PDF)
This technology white paper examines recent research that has revealed a tension in dealing with the Internet as a classroom resource. It also supports that using a directory or a theme catalog is a better way to find information on the Web.

A Model for Professional Development (65kb PDF)
The foundation of BASCOM Professional Development is Malcolm Knowles' "Six Core Adult Learning Principles." Treating adults as adult learners is the source of the program's success.

Editorial Selection Criteria (46kb PDF)
BASCOM's Education Specialists follow specific criteria for selecting curriculum-focused sites for the Web Library.
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