K12 URL Filtering Technology

Easy to Use, Scalable Filter

alt Frontera is a reliable, robust, and scalable school URL filter solution. Its flexible Internet filtering technology enables it to fit into almost any infrastructure with minimal maintenance. To meet these needs, Frontera offers the following technological features and benefits:

  • Simple, Web-based administration.
  • Easy integration into a wide variety of existing TCP/IP networks and client operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • Server-side solution with no proprietary client software.
  • Configurations can be applied to individual computers and/or groups of computers.
  • Works with any form of Internet access.
  • Automatic software and content updates and back-up every night.
  • Includes necessary network infrastructure components optimized for any school, community or organization including Internet gateway router, Internet filter, firewall and Web cache system.


Learn More About Frontera, a School URL Filter

BASCOM's K12 URL filter is built to support learning. Join the hundreds of schools and libraries around the country that are currently using our school URL filter to facilitate student achievement. To learn more, schedule a demo or call us today at 1-888-922-2726.

For details about Frontera's K12 URL filter technology, print our informational piece:

Frontera Technology @ a Glance (174kb PDF)



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