CIPA Filter

Enforce Your Acceptable Use Policy with the Cross-Platform, CIPA Compliant Anywhere Filter

alt Don't risk your E-rate funding. BASCOM's Anywhere Filter is a CIPA filter for libraries. It allows you to enforce your Acceptable Use Policy with its CIPA compliant mobile filtering capabilities.

For continued E-rate funding, it is mandated by Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) that libraries filter Internet content, even when using mobile devices. It is necessary that a library enforce its Acceptable Use Policy for remote users. So, to embrace the benefits of using these wonderful, new portable devices you need anytime, anywhere, any connection filtering, or chance forfeiting your funding.

A CIPA Filter That Offers Continuous Mobile Filtering and Protection

With BASCOM's Anywhere Filter you have a mobile filtering solution that enforces your library's Acceptable Use Policy so that regardless of the network a mobile user is on, your Internet filtering settings are implemented. Anywhere Filter delivers the cross-platform, CIPA compliant filtering you need to embrace the educational benefits of new wireless technologies.

Learn More About Patronus Library Filter Management

BASCOM's Patronus library filter and the Anywhere Filter CIPA filter give librarians the tools they need to set the appropriate amount of Internet access for their patrons. To learn more, read about its Access Zones, Kids Zone Portal and technology. To schedule your personal CIPA filter demo, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726.

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