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BASCOM’s development team worked closely with members of a local cooperative system to design a solution that’s ideally suited for libraries. The Patronus Library Internet Filtering appliance includes features that make it easy for librarians to manage Internet access for patrons of all ages and staff.

Easily Manage Internet Access with the Patronus Library Internet Filtering Appliance

The Patronus library filter is available as a virtualized solution or an Internet filtering appliance and comes packed with easy to use features for customizing Internet access. With Instant Override, librarians can quickly open access for a patron for a specified period of time. And, using the built-in Access Zones, the Internet can easily be customized for children, teens, adults, and staff. Also included with this library Web Filter is the Kids Zone Web Library which can be used to focus computers in the children’s room to a portal of educator-selected sites, so young patrons can safely use the Internet without any supervision. Without any additional purchases and technical expertise, an Acceptable Use Policy can be implemented to create a WiFi hotspot for patrons using their own laptops.

Instant Override
Filter Management
Access Zones
Kids Zone Web Library
Acceptable Use Policy Screen
PlayRight™ for YouTube and Video Content Management


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