Independent/Private Schools Strive for Excellence

alt You are committed to creating a learning environment where:

  • Children learn, lead, and achieve in mission driven, close knit communities.
  • Rigorous academic standards and artistic and athletic talents are valued.
  • Need based financial aid supports diverse—socioeconomic and ethnic—student and family populations.
  • Responsible citizenship is modeled and young people are expected to be good citizens.

My Communitas... a Community Learning Center

My CommunitasBASCOM’s solutions can meet these challenges and more, within a short time of deployment.  My Communitas—a community learning center —is configured to reflect your identity, displaying your school’s logo and adding content that reflects your best practices.  Upon deployment, this learning center:

  • Delivers fast and easy access to thousands of Web resources that have been reviewed and aggregated by BASCOM professional staff.
  • Gives your school several options for adding its own links, documents, and activities.
  • Leverages system wide staff to add resources in support of individual programs.
  • Provides a focal point that brings together professional staff, students and parents in a community building learning center.
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