January 2014

BASCOM ◆ iOS 7 Features ◆ HTTPS Filtering

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January 2014

  • New Vendor ID Supports iOS 7 Reports
    Anywhere Filter will now generate a unique Vendor ID used in place of the Mac Address to generate reports.
  • Enhanced HTTPS filtering with New Server Name Indication (SNI) Support
    SNI extends the SSL/TLS protocol to solve the issue of hosting multiple domains on the same IP address. It accomplishes this by sending the virtual domain information as part of the SSL/TLS negotiation between the client and the server. With this feature, filtering is no longer by IP address only. It can now be performed by site name. For example, can be allowed while blocking (or
  • Productivity Burst using Simplified Reports
    For ease of use these new reports deliver concise information by removing duplicate access requests.
  • Increased Security from Updated Packages
  • New support for Microsoft® Hyper-V® Network Drivers
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