Easily Lock-Down Internet Access for the PARCC Test


A BASCOM filter is built to lock-down Internet access during a PARCC test for common core assessments. It comes pre-loaded with a secure testing profile for easily defining access to select test sites. Eligible devices including desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, and thin clients are focused only on the PARCC assessment specified in the testing profile. Students are prevented from visiting any other sites.


BASCOM PARCC Assessment Filter for Common Core Standards

Schools are now challenged with providing technology that supports learning, assessments, and administrative uses across classrooms using a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. High-stake exams—such the PARCC test for common core assessments—require a stringent level of readiness of existing computer inventories. As testing dates quickly approach, Technology Directors must be able to create an optimal student experience for computer-based assessments. BASCOM’s filter is designed to quickly meet this challenge.

laptop filter

Learn More about Using a BASCOM Filter for the PARCC Assessment

Find out how a BASCOM filter can be used to quickly secure Internet access for the PARCC test and common core assessments.  Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.



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