The Library Mobile Filtering Solution for Anytime, Anywhere, Any Connection Filtering

Mobile devices are part of our world. Where are you in adapting to this technology? Do you offer your patrons the use of a library-owned Chromebook™ notebook or iPad™ device while inside your building? If you aren’t doing this now, would you consider doing this sometime in the near future? And, does your staff use library-owned laptops?

Here are some risks to consider when using mobile devices:

  • Patrons using a library-owned mobile device can easily dodge your filter using widely available WiFi access or a personal hotspot.
  • Allowing children to use a library-owned iPad can expose them to inappropriate content.
  • Your staff uses laptops at home and then brings them back into the library. Did you realize that this can threaten the security of your library's network? An unfiltered laptop used off-network can be victimized by rogue sites and then compromise your network when it returns.


Protect Access with Anywhere Filter—A CIPA-Compliant Library Mobile Filtering Solution

Don't worry. Patronus™ has a library mobile filtering solution that protects your mobile devices. Now, with the new Anywhere Filter, CIPA-compliant Internet access is maintained for your library-owned mobile devices. When patrons and staff are using a mobile device off-network, your library's policy is enforced using any available Internet connection.

Learn More About BASCOM's Library Mobile Filtering Solution

BASCOM's Anywhere Filter for Patronus is a library mobile filtering solution designed to give librarians the tools they need to set the appropriate amount of Internet access for their patrons. To learn more, read about its Access Zones, Kids Zone Portal and technology. To schedule your personal library filter demo, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726.

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