BASCOM Previews K-12 Connectivity Solution at Annual Educators' Conference

FARMINGDALE, NY (April 17, 1998)—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., a software development company the K-12 education community, showed a pre-release serving version of its latest solution today at the 95th Annual Convention & Exposition of the National Catholic Educational Association in Los Angeles.

BASCOM chose this event to gauge educator response to Internet Communications Server (ICS), a turn-key solution integrating BASCOM's curriculum-based management software - the Access Management Engine or AME with pre-configured proxy cache, firewall and Internet "gateway" technology. When bundled by BASCOM with server hardware, ICS provides a complete "tech-room to classroom" solution, quickly and easily connecting school networks to the Internet while providing instructional, performance and security features.

Current AME products include two components, the Access Management Engine (AME)" and Global Chalkboard". The AME focuses student Internet access on content selected by educators to support their lesson plans and long-term curriculum goals. This software system works in tandem with the Global Chalkboard, a Web library developed, categorized, and reviewed under the direction of an Education Advisory Board. Current AME products are delivered through any Web browser by an Internet Service Provider, ICS shifts the location of the software to an on-site server. The on-site location enables BASCOM to integrate features addressing both the growing sophistication of school technology usage, and additional cost, security and administration concerns raised by its deployment.

As an Internet connectivity appliance, ICS provides a quick, easy and low maintenance solution for networked access, enabling workstations to communicate efficiently with the Internet through a single gateway. ICS's fully integrated and pre-configured firewall preserves the security schools have always maintained with regards to student information and other administrative records, now that much of this information is stored on networked workstations. By storing frequently accessed Web sites, the pre-configured cache increases classroom productivity and enables schools to gain better performance out of less expensive Internet connections. Requiring little set-up or administration, and providing automatic features such as software upgrades and remote back-ups through a software subscription service, ICS is designed to complement the amount of technology staff to which most schools have access.

"It's very encouraging to see we're on the right track," said BASCOM president Peter Cirasole, commenting on the highly favorable response shown by attending teachers, administrators, and technology staff. "Schools are expressing the need for a lot of the same technology currently enjoyed by corporate enterprises, yet often lack the dedicated technology staff to install, integrate, and administrate a host of different products. We saw ICS as a way to address a number of K-12 needs through a single, easy to maintain solution," Mr. Cirasole said today.

ICS is currently being readied for release within the calendar quarter.

Established in 1904, the Washington, DC-based NCEA's mission is to advance the educational and catechetical mission of the church and provide leadership and service to its members. NCEA advocates recognition and support for Catholic education in parish, school and university communities and fosters local, national and international collaboration.

About the Global Chalkboard

BASCOM's Global Chalkboard is an innovative and flexible teaching tool that uses the Internet for learning. The Global Chalkboard provides immediate access to educational Web sites and builds Web-enriched lessons mapped to curriculum goals and state standards.

The Global Chalkboard is both flexible and easy to use. It offers a novice user immediate access to educational sites with the Web Library; it offers an intermediate user prepackaged, ready-to-use BASCOM lessons; and it offers an advanced user a method of building their own, web-based lessons using the Global Chalkboard's Lesson Creator.


BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc. is a software development company specializing in curriculum-based, Internet management solutions for K-12 schools. From our beginning in 1996, BASCOM has focused on producing, next-generation, curriculum tools for the K-12 education market.

BASCOM's goal is to help children become successful learners by safely extracting the educational content of the Web. This is accomplished by building Internet teaching tools based on input we've received from K-12 educators. We are constantly adapting our products to meet the changing needs of today's teachers.

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