BASCOM Teams with Suffolk Cooperative Library System to Launch a Library Filtering Product

Hauppauge, NY - August 27, 2004—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., a Suffolk County-based, software developer of award winning, Internet management solutions, today proudly announces the successful deployment of its Access Management Engine (AME) for Libraries in over 30 libraries in within the Suffolk Cooperative Library System (SCLS). By working directly with SCLS, BASCOM designed its AME for Libraries from the ground up to meet the filtering needs of libraries.

The AME for Libraries delivers flexible, fast and easy-to-use filtering that enables a library to satisfy its Internet use policies by alternating between unrestricted and restricted access. For example, using BASCOM's solution a librarian can quickly provide complete Internet content for adults and then focus access to age-appropriate Web sites for children-delivering "instant-on, instant-off" filtering.

"Our development team sat across a table from SCLS representatives to design a unique solution for libraries. From those meetings, we recognized that libraries had specific filtering needs and that the ideal product had to be flexible, easy-to-use and completely unobtrusive." says Peter Cirasole, the President/CEO of BASCOM. "Our AME for Libraries has benefits for everyone. Librarians don't have to be computer experts to use it; adults won't be impeded by it; and children will be able to learn and explore in a 'virtual playground' of educational sites."

The impetus to build the AME for Libraries started from Suffolk Cooperative Library System. "Unable to find a satisfactory product on the market last fall, we approached BASCOM, a local company, to develop a tool that would effectively filter content as required by CIPA while maintaining access to sites that should not be blocked," says Jerry Nichols, Director of SCLS. "At first, our libraries were skeptical about using BASCOM's AME for Libraries. However, they were quickly won over because of its ease of installation, its override feature and the quality of its filtering. Librarians who have installed the Access Management Engine on their computers have stated that they don't even know it's there."

A major benefit to SCLS is the way BASCOM's solution handled the blocking of the Google Image Server. They were able to develop a way to block pornographic images while providing access to the remainder of the image server.

About the Global Chalkboard

BASCOM's Global Chalkboard is an innovative and flexible teaching tool that uses the Internet for learning. The Global Chalkboard provides immediate access to educational Web sites and builds Web-enriched lessons mapped to curriculum goals and state standards.

The Global Chalkboard is both flexible and easy to use. It offers a novice user immediate access to educational sites with the Web Library; it offers an intermediate user prepackaged, ready-to-use BASCOM lessons; and it offers an advanced user a method of building their own, web-based lessons using the Global Chalkboard's Lesson Creator.


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