BASCOM Announces My Communitas - a Cloud-Based Solution for Quickly Establishing an Online Community Center

Hauppauge, New York—January 12, 2011—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., an industry leader in Internet management and curriculum-building solutions for schools, communities, and libraries, today announces My Communitas™—a cloud-based solution used to quickly deploy a customized online learning center for the collaboration of Web resources/learning materials and the sharing of best practices within a learning community. By using the Internet to bring your members together, My Communitas becomes your community’s platform for collaboration.  It unifies your members, organizes your community Web-based resources, and coordinates the execution of your organization’s learning initiatives to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Community Organizations Face Many Challenges
BASCOM recognizes that community organizations are often challenged with the need to offer a wide range of services to their members. They must be innovative to attract sufficient funding to meet their goals; they must be positioned to readily adapt to the emerging needs of their community; and they must be able to customize individual solutions for delivering a wide-range of services to their diverse members. And, all of this needs to happen quickly and efficiently while maximizing the productivity of your limited staff.

My Communitas was developed specifically to meet these challenges. It delivers a flexible, innovative platform for learning and collaboration so an organization can meet many initiatives simultaneously. By delivering a self-service instructional model with easily accessible, quality educational resources, My Communitas supports the learning initiatives of your staff and members and becomes the “knowledge broker” for your entire community. It supports your best practices with learning activities, educational materials, organized documents, and other resources, all organized in “clickable” categories.

“Since 1996, BASCOM has been developing innovative solutions that use the Internet to facilitate learning and instruction,” states Fred McKenna, BASCOM’s Special Projects Director. “With the launch of My Communitas, BASCOM has now broadened its offerings to provide community organizations with a much needed solution for addressing their wide variety of challenges.”



BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc. is a software development company specializing in curriculum-based Internet management solutions for K-12 schools, communities, and libraries. From our beginning in 1996, BASCOM has focused on producing next-generation, curriculum tools for many learning environments.

BASCOM delivers economical, easy-to-use solutions that enable community organizations to facilitate anytime, anywhere Web-enriched instruction using high quality Web-based-resources.

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