BASCOM Releases New PlayRight ™, a Comprehensive YouTube and Video Content Management System for its Filter Solutions

Melville, New York—October 18, 2011—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., an industry-leader in developing instructional technology security and curriculum tools, today announces PlayRight™, a built-in comprehensive YouTube and video content management system for its Global Chalkboard, Patronus, and Frontera filter appliance solutions. PlayRight delivers flexible filtering to easily manage viewable content on YouTube, SchoolTube, and TeacherTube and safely focus students so learning stays productive. This new video management system goes beyond simply blocking or allowing content; it delivers customization tools that remove distractions so only select video content displays. This innovative curriculum tool is being demonstrated for the first time today at the 2011 Long Island Technology Summit.

Flexible Filtering for Efficient Curriculum Building
PlayRight eliminates the bottlenecks created when a teacher requests access to specific YouTube videos. Using its flexible filtering, authority privileges can be assigned by a Technology Director to a teacher, so that he/she can select and allow videos themselves. Teachers have always been in charge of picking the educational materials used in their classrooms. With PlayRight, this ability now quickly and safely extends to video.

Easy to Use. Fast. Manages Content on the Site
PlayRight filters content while in YouTube, SchoolTube, or TeacherTube. No proprietary system is used, so videos don’t have to be copied and pasted before they can be managed. Instead, teachers can select and students can view video content directly on a site they are already comfortable using.

Removes Distracting Comments and Suggested Videos
The PlayRight video content and YouTube management system provides innovative customization settings to strip out distracting comments and thumbnails of suggested videos. By eliminating potentially inappropriate content and directing students to only select videos, students are kept focused for productive learning.

“Since the theme of today’s Summit is Research and Information Fluency—Critical Thinking Unleashed, it is the ideal forum for announcing an innovative use of technology as a research tool specifically for video content,” states Peter Cirasole, BASCOM’s President/CEO. “PlayRight supports using video in education by eliminating the content and classroom management issues that surround YouTube, SchoolTube, and TeacherTube, enabling educators to now safely tap these vast resources for instruction.”


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