BASCOM’s PlayRight for Video Filtering and YouTube Content Management Now Supports YouTube for Schools

Hauppauge, NY—August 13, 2012—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., an industry leader in developing instructional technology security and curriculum tools, today proudly announces that it has added YouTube for School filtering support to PlayRight™— its comprehensive video and YouTube content management system. PlayRight, one of the many advanced Internet filtering features built into BASCOM’s solutions, is designed to enable teachers to easily focus students to the educational videos they want to use in their curriculum.

Video Filtering and Content Management Using YouTube for Schools

You Tube for Schools YouTube for Schools offers many outstanding educational videos and now BASCOM’s PlayRight extends the capabilities of this curriculum tool even further. By entering the YouTube code of your school or teacher’s channel on the PlayRight settings screen, Internet access is filtered so that students are focused to all of the content in and the content within the specified channel.

PlayRight easily manages, filters, and customizes YouTube content. Using the same profile, a technology director can focus all of the students in a school to the same content (i.e., and a school’s channel).  Also, different profiles can be used to customize the content for specific groups of students (i.e., and a teacher’s channel). PlayRight’s video filtering provides the flexibility needed to productively use video for instruction.

“BASCOM has always developed its solutions to provide practical, easy-to-use tools for tackling the challenges of using technology in the classroom.” states Robert DeRosa, BASCOM’s CTO. “Adding YouTube for School support to our PlayRight video management system is another example of this.”


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