BASCOM Adds New Cloud Based Internet Filtering
to Its Anywhere Filter™ Product Family

Hauppauge, NY—September 24, 2013—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., an industry innovator in developing Internet content filtering solutions for schools, today announces the addition of Anywhere Filter Cloud™, an easy to use cloud web filter, to its Anywhere Filter product family. As a cloud filtering service, it provides schools with a solution that’s easy to use, yet overcomes the complex challenges of filtering mobile devices. Designed with a cloud based console managed from a tablet, computer, Chromebook™ notebooks or iPad® device, this new cloud based Internet filtering solution pairs perfectly with any existing filter, or it can be used as a standalone solution for meeting any of your filtering needs. Anywhere Filter Cloud is also the ideal solution for quickly launching a one to one initiative to support mobile learning.

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BASCOM Adds Chromebook Filtering to Support Schools in
using these Web-Based, Mobile Devices in One to One Programs

Hauppauge, NY—June 17, 2013—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., an innovative developer of web and mobile filtering solutions built for learning, today proudly announces the addition of Chromebook filtering to its innovative line of Internet security and curriculum solutions. Many schools are considering the web-based Chromebook™ notebook for their students and one to one programs. As an education technology expert for Internet content filtering, BASCOM immediately recognized this trend in education and responded by building Global Proxy Support into its Frontera™ and Anywhere Filter™ solutions.

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BASCOM Releases New Global Proxy Support for Filtering
Chromebook, iPad and iOS Mobile Devices

Hauppauge, NY—June 13, 2013—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., a pioneering developer of Internet content filtering solutions for PK-12, today announces new Global Proxy Support™ for mobile devices. As an educational technology company committed to staying abreast of the latest changes in technology, BASCOM developed Global Proxy Support for filtering Chromebook™ notebooks and to offer an additional option for filtering iPad® and other iOS devices. This new announcement gives schools choices when securing their mobile devices and making selections for one to one computing in schools.

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BASCOM Opens Its Spring Season by Showcasing
Innovative Catholic Web Filters at NCEA 2013

Hauppauge, NY—April 2, 2013—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., an innovative developer of Catholic web filters, opens its Spring season by showcasing Anywhere Filter at NCEA 2013 in Houston, Texas. This industry-leading, mobile filtering solution empowers Catholic schools to manage and secure large numbers of iPad® and other mobile devices provided to staff and students. It delivers a best of breed iPad filter that integrates with a leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution—Casper Suite by JAMF—for safely deploying 1:1 programs.

Catholic schools realize the value of using mobile devices in education and need mobile filtering to make this happen. As an industry pioneer in Catholic web filters, BASCOM built Anywhere Filter specifically for the classroom. Learn how Catholic schools are able to integrate Anywhere Filter with a leading MDM and successfully launch 1:1 programs.

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