Professional Development for Teachers

BASCOM provides true Professional Development for teachers and administrators — far exceeding traditional product training. Our Professional Development combines the principles of adult learning theory with the practical experience of veteran staff developers to present engaging workshops that help teachers immediately integrate the Internet into classroom instruction. Workshops are led by certified teachers that have both classroom experience and a background in instructional technology and teacher professional development.

Our Professional Development for Teachers Takes a Four Activity Approach

Following a standard four activity approach, participants in our Professional Development for teacher training:

  • Engage in professional reflection and dialogue
  • Acquire new skills and apply them in the classroom
  • Develop electronic materials immediately ready for classroom use
  • Integrate pedagogical techniques with Internet resources


Through BASCOM Professional Development, teachers learn to deliver dynamic, Internet-rich lessons in as few as three hours while growing into the more advanced features through future workshops. The flexibility of our solutions, complemented by the modular design of the Professional Development offerings, make your implementation as unique as your school or district.

Learn more about our Professional Development for teachers and administrators by reading the following:

A Model for Professional Development (65kb PDF)
The foundation of BASCOM Professional Development is Malcolm Knowles' "Six Core Adult Learning Principles." Treating adults as adult learners is the source of the program's success.

St. Sebastian School (A Professional Development Case Study) (84kb PDF)
Watch what happens when an Administrator sets a new directive and joins her teachers in a workshop.

For additional information about Professional Development for teachers and administrators from BASCOM Education Services, please contact BASCOM at 1-631-434-6600.

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