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altPatronus — Library Web Filter

BASCOM’s development team worked closely with members of a local cooperative system to design a solution that’s ideally suited for libraries. The Patronus Library Internet Filtering appliance includes features that make it easy for librarians to manage Internet access for patrons of all ages and staff.

Anywhere Filter—A Best-of-Breed, Windows 8.1 and 8 Internet Filter

BASCOM Anywhere Filter is a best-of-breed Windows® Internet security solution developed to roll-out Windows 8.1 and 8 devices for mobile learning in schools. It is ideally suited to support one to one programs and is one of the few filtering solutions that work with Windows 8.1 and 8 devices both on and off a school’s network.

Whether using an iPad®, Chromebook, or Windows 8.1/8 mobile device, the need is the same. When that device leaves the school network, it must be filtered in a way that supports learning. Anywhere Filter solves this with a windows 8.1/8 Internet filter that delivers flexible filtering. It supports the dynamic interaction between teachers and students, blocks inappropriate content while also aiding instruction, and delivers mobile filtering with robust Internet security.


Anywhere Filter and Microsoft Tablets for Schools

Microsoft tablets for schools significantly broaden the scope of one to one learning by easily enabling content creation using Office® products already embraced by schools, businesses, and homes. These devices also easily integrate into the Microsoft ecosystem of Active Directory® and device management.

Using Anywhere Filter as a Windows 8.1/8 Internet filter with Microsoft tablets for schools provides a superior solution. Windows products are able to take full advantage of our patented BASCOM Smart Access Technology™  and SSL inspection. This filtering method enables fast, lightweight communication for significant gains in throughput. Since traffic isn’t proxied through a school’s network, the district does not need to pay for as much bandwidth as a full proxy solution.

Learn More about Using Anywhere Filter, a Windows Internet Security Solution

Find out how BASCOM Anywhere Filter can be used to quickly secure Internet access on and off network for Windows 8.1 and 8 devices.  Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.

BASCOM Anywhere Filter for School Mobile Internet Filtering

pdfAnywhere Filter Challenges and Solutions(313KB)

Solve Your Needs with BASCOM's Mobile Content Filter

What Do You Need?Solution
A School Mobile Content Filter that Works and Keep My Existing Filter

Use your existing filter when your mobile devices are on network. Then, use Anywhere Filter™ when they leave the network. Anywhere Filter can also be configured to provide the same browsing experience as your existing filter.

Fast Access to the Web Using Minimal Bandwidth to Save Money BASCOM Smart Access Technology provides fast, lightweight communication; since traffic isn’t proxied through a customer’s network, bandwidth is saved.
Securing School Owned Devices when Off-Network

Anywhere Filter prevents access using personal hotspots and public WiFi and enables granular content selection using customizable categories.

Support for a One to One Program By successfully supporting 1:1 programs with school mobile filtering, Anywhere Filter content filtering overcomes the challenges of using laptops and iOS devices off-network.
Educational Features:
Meet CIPA Compliance Regulations Meets E-Rate funding requirements and enforces your Acceptable Use Policy.
Support Classroom Instruction

Provides the ability to create profiles to meet the needs of various staff and student groups. Also included are educational features to support productive, Internet instruction.

Safety without Over-Blocking using Trust
Flexible filtering allows another layer of customization. Using a “trust” option enables educators to select content such as educational games, even if the game category is blocked.
SSL Inspection to Safely Access HTTPS Sites
Provides encrypted traffic management for Windows® and Chromebook™ devices to combat the hidden risks of SSL encryption and https traffic. Minimizes over-blocking of encrypted sites to enable students to safely access https resources for learning. Protects privacy, ensures compliance with a school's acceptable use policies, and provides protection.
Use Existing User Profiles to Quickly Enforce Content Filtering Saves time by using an existing Authentication System.
Filter iOS Devices and Use Safari Global Proxy Support uses standard Safari® browser.
Use YouTube for Instruction (YouTube does not currently support the use of YouTube for Schools on iOS devices.) Designed for education by focusing students; removes ads, comments and suggested videos. Supports YouTube for Schools.
Filter iOS Devices using a Browser App with Educational Features Uses Anywhere Filter browser app in place of the Safari® browser. Includes educational features such as Shared Bookmarks and QR Reader.
Enforce SafeSearch for Yahoo, Google®, and Bing® Search Engines (including Images and Cached Sites) Forces major search engines into their filtered search, even if the user disables the browser setting. Keeps students from accessing anonymous proxy sites via popular search engines.
Prevent Students from Bypassing the Filter Real-time, dynamic proxy detection prevents students from using anonymous proxy servers to bypass the filter.
Content Filtering Built for Learning
Ability to manage filter categories and create profiles based on age groups and subjects. Filter uses a comprehensive, education-specific URL database.
Deployment and Device Management:
Use Existing VM Infrastructure for the School Content Filter Anywhere Filter can be installed in a VM environment.
The Ability to Install the School Mobile Content Filter on an Appliance Anywhere Filter can be deployed on a BASCOM appliance within the organizations network infrastructure.
Quickly Deploy iOS devices with Mobile Settings Mobile filter settings for iOS devices are quickly configured using Instant Config™.
Integrate with Casper Suite by JAMF software (iOS devices) By integrating with Casper Suite by JAMF, Anywhere Filter simplifies mobile device management of iOS devices.
Speak to a Knowledgeable Technical Support Representative Speak to a knowledgeable Technical Support Representative who understands the education environment and the technical components of a filtering system deployment. Available 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday ET (to 7pm by scheduling the call beforehand.)
Support for:
iOS Devices (iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® devices using iOS 6 or later)
Cross-Platform Filtering
OS X® 10.6 or later Cross-Platform Filtering
Windows® 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Cross-Platform Filtering
Chromebook Notebooks and Chromebox devices Deployed using our Anywhere Filter extension for Chromebooks


Learn More about School Mobile Content Filtering using Anywhere Filter

Find out how using BASCOM’s Anywhere Filter for mobile Internet filtering can quickly solve your needs.  Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.



Anywhere Filter for Internet Filtering Now Integrates with Casper Suite by JAMF

BASCOM Anywhere Filter™—an Internet filtering solution designed for mobile device programs in education—can set filtering permissions for iPad® and other iOS mobile devices using the group, device and user names in Casper Suite by JAMF.

  • When using school-owned mobile devices both on- and off-network, students and staff are focused on appropriate web content.
  • System Administrators can assign different levels of Internet access to specific users or groups such as teachers, students, and school administrators.


The Benefits of Using Casper Suite—a Mobile Device Management Solution

Casper Suite, an industry-leading mobile device management solution, overcomes many challenges in using iOS devices in education. It solves the problem of associating an individual iPad to a user and provides the ability to create groups. By integrating with this MDM solution, Anywhere Filter can easily assign filter settings.

Integrating Anywhere Filter with Casper Suite provides the following benefits:

  • Streamlines the installation of the Anywhere Filter App using Casper Suite.
  • Speeds up deployment using BASCOM Instant Config® to automatically configure Anywhere Filter settings.
  • Manages updates to the Anywhere Filter app using Casper Suite.
  • Uses Casper Suite inventory information, such as User Name, Device Name, Groups and SmartGroups to assign Anywhere Filter settings.


Watch this Webinar to Simplify Internet Filtering and Management

Learn more about the synergy created when Anywhere Filter integrates with Casper Suite, a mobile device management solution.

Keep Them Safe, Keep Them Managed (Anywhere Filter section at 35:20)


Learn More about Using Anywhere Filter with Casper Suite, an MDM Solution

Find out how integrating Anywhere Filter, an Internet filtering solution, with Casper Suite by JAMF, a Mobile Device Management solution, can save you money while increasing your efficiency.  Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.


iPad Filtering for One to One Programs

BASCOM developed Global Proxy Support to offer an additional option for iPad® filtering. This gives schools choices when securing their mobile devices and making selections for one to one programs.

Global Proxy Support provides another option to the Anywhere Filter browser app when filtering iPad and other iOS devices. As a result, it offers another platform available for implementing one to one programs with mobile school content filtering.

Global Proxy Support for Filtering iPad and other iOS Devices

When using Global Proxy Support for iOS devices, it is no longer necessary to use the Anywhere Filter browser. Instead, the standard, full-featured Safari browser can be used. This allows emails, webclips, links and other programs to launch correctly while also filtering apps. However, there are some trade-offs. Global Proxy Support requires traffic to flow through the school’s Internet connection, resulting in increased traffic and utilization of school bandwidth.

Learn More about iPad Filtering using Global Proxy Support

BASCOM’s school content filtering is built for learning. To learn more about using Global Proxy Support for iPad filtering in one to one programs, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726.

Casper Suite by JAMF, the Leading Mobile Device Management Solution, is Integrated with Anywhere Filter

View Keep Them Safe, Keep Them Managed to learn more about Anywhere Filter (Anywhere Filter section begins at 35:20) and Casper Suite.

Schools recognize the value of using mobile devices in education. However, managing and securing large numbers of iPad® and other mobile devices given to staff and students presents many challenges. After spending a significant amount of money on this new technology, you want to make sure your IT staff has the tools they need to protect your district’s investment.

A mobile device management (MDM) solution enables your IT staff to manage large scale deployments. It can increase the efficiency of your staff and reduce total cost of ownership by providing a framework that enforces software licensing compliance, security standards, and many other requirements.

As a leading supplier of technology solutions in PK-12, BASCOM realized the necessity of managing and securing large deployments and integrated Anywhere Filter™ with Casper Suite by JAMF. As a result of this integration, you can also use this proven MDM solution to readily manage your mobile filtering.

An MDM Solution for OS X and iOS Management

Casper Suite eases the burdens on your IT staff by delivering a platform for managing OS X® computers and iOS mobile devices. For OS X management, it provides client management for: inventory, imaging, patch management, software distribution, remote controls, settings and security management, license management, and usage management. For iOS management, it provides mobile device management for: inventory, configuration, security management, and app distribution.

By using Anywhere Filter with Casper Suite your IT staff is able to build and sustain a stable, secure, and manageable environment that enables computers and mobile devices to be used productively for learning.

Learn More about Anywhere Filter with Casper Suite

Find out how integrating BASCOM's Anywhere Filter with a comprehensive MDM solution can save you money while increasing your efficiency.  Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.




Anywhere Filter—Built for Learning

Attend our presentation—"Internet Filtering for Mobile Device Programs"—to hear how Anywhere Filter enabled school districts to successfully deploy 1:1 programs.

"BASCOM has been a great partner to have as we rolled out our 1:1 program. Their Anywhere Filter is easy to install, available on several platforms, and gives me great control of the content accessible on my devices. Also BASCOM’s Tech Support has been super-responsive to all of our requests and suggestions for future product development."
—Gabriel Forrester, Mendon CUSD #4

"Anywhere Filter has allowed us to feel secure about sending several hundred iPad® devices home with our students. And BASCOM's integration with our MDM has made managing the devices that much easier. Not a lot of companies really get Apple, so it's nice to see that BASCOM does."
—Jeff Agard, Quincy Notre Dame High School

Quick Tour of Anywhere Filter Resources

Watch these videos to learn how Anywhere Filter was built with educational features designed specifically for PK-12?

Learn about the features that set Anywhere Filter apart from other mobile filtering solutions.

Need some quick answers to your key buying questions?


The Anywhere Filter School Mobile Filtering Solution—How to Buy

Learn more About our School Mobile Filtering Solution:
  1. Complete the Complimentary Demonstration Form and a representative will contact you or call us at 1-888-922-2726.
  2. Download and review the following documents:
    1. Key Buying Questions
    2. Features and Benefits
  3. Demonstrations:
    1. A sales representative will arrange an informative demonstration for both the user and administrative tools.
    2. If you are using iOS devices, we will assist you in downloading our browser from the Apple Store and send you a Quick Start Guide for configuring the device and the App.
    3. Demonstration
      1. Browser App
      2. Administrative Interface
Making the Purchase:
  1. Your Anywhere Filter sales representative will review your current needs, work with you to design a plan, and then implement a solution that allows future growth.
  2. They will send you a quote for your review and signature. 
  3. Once the quote is signed, email or fax it to our office with a purchase order (if required by your organization).
Implementing the Solution:
  1. A member of our technical support team will send you a questionnaire and assist you in its completion. The information collected will allow us to ensure the proper setup of your filter.
  2. If you are using an appliance for the mobile filtering solution, it will be shipped directly to you. 
  3. A member of our team will call you to make an appointment. They will then help with setting up the appliance or the virtual machine.
  4. They will review the methods available to you for setting up your mobile devices with the Anywhere Filter and offer assistance during any step of the process.
  5. Ongoing questions can be directed anytime to our technical team or your sales representative.

The Anywhere Filter School Mobile Filter Solution—How Does It Work

  • Windows® 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and OS X® workstations use a supplied installer for attended or unattended installation.
  • Chromebook™ notebooks using a Chrome browser extension as part of an integrated Anywhere Filter and Google Management Console solution. See Anywhere Filter Cloud™ for ChromeOS.
  • iOS devices can use the Safari® browser and Global Proxy Support.
  • iOS devices can also use Anywhere Filter browser app downloaded from the App Store.  The proper profile can be set up on an iOS device, manually or through our auto configuration process.
Filtering Using Smart Access Technology:

Anywhere Filter's patented filtering with Smart Access Technology™ maximizes response time and minimizes bandwidth usage. By using a lightweight protocol, the filter sends a message to verify that a web request is acceptable before allowing it to go through the device's current Internet connection. If the site is not acceptable, a blocked message is sent and the site cannot be accessed.

  • Filtering is based on Directory Services for Windows (including Windows 8 devices) and OS X devices. User and device profiles can be setup using Active Directory®, Open Directory and eDirectory.
  • Enforces SafeSearch on the device's browser.
  • Provides a comprehensive site list with additional dynamic analysis to detect anonymous proxies.
  • Provides the ability to setup multiple user profiles to accommodate the needs of different types of users.
  • Anytime a device connects to an outside network, even within an organization, it is filtered by Anywhere Filter.
  • Can be configured to monitor website requests only when the mobile device is off the organization's network. This allows the organization to continue to use its current filter for on campus traffic and use the Anywhere Filter mobile filter solution for device compliance when off of the network.
  • Learn how Anywhere Filter works and integrates with your existing technology.
Filtering iOS Devices with Smart Access Technology:
  • The Anywhere Filter browser replaces Safari and ensures that requests are properly filtered. The filtered browser has a rich set of instructional features designed to support learning.
  • Profiles can be setup by device name and group. When using the Casper Suite from JAMF, profiles can also be setup by user name and Smart Groups.
  • Anytime the device is on an alternate network, Anywhere Filter intercepts and examines the web request to determine if it is acceptable, based on the profile assigned to either the user or device.
  • Anywhere Filter's patented filtering with Smart Access Technology™ maximizes response time and minimizes bandwidth usage.
Filtering Chromebook Notebooks with Smart Access Technology:
  • Integrates with the Google Management Console and the Chrome browser extension to filter each Chromebook notebook.
  • Zero-touch technology minimizes administrative intervention to ensure all Chromebook notebooks are initialized with the necessary Chrome extension.
  • Single sign-on improves the user experience and ensures that each device is delivered the proper Internet profile .
  • Profiles can be customized for individual users and groups.
Filtering with Global Proxy Support:
  • Filters iOS devices.
  • Enables iOS devices to use the Safari browser.
  • Traffic flows through the school's Internet connection, resulting in increased traffic and utilization of bandwidth.
  • Requires iOS devices to be supervised.
Logging & Reporting:
  • Improper Internet Usage
  • Device Usage
  • Access by Specific Request
  • User Activity


Anywhere Filter School Mobile Filtering Solution—Key Buying Questions

pdfAnywhere Filter Key Buying Questions(248K)

To help you make the right purchasing decision for your school or district, please read the mobile filtering questions and answers below. 

Do I have to replace my existing school- or district-wide filtering solution? No. Anywhere Filter™ can be deployed as a standalone mobile filtering solution that works together with your existing filter. It can work side-by-side with your school or district-wide filtering solution, so that when your iPad® or other mobile devices leave the network, Anywhere Filter detects this and instantly activates. It can be configured to always filter your mobile devices or to just filter them when they leave your network.
Can I setup specific filtering profiles for students and teachers or for different groups? Yes. We have a Groups feature in the administrator interface that allows you to create and apply different filtering profiles to groups of iPad devices. We also integrate with Casper Suite (by JAMF Software), so you can use their groups or smart groups to apply filtering profiles. In addition to this, Anywhere Filter Cloud™ works with the Google Management Console and Chromebook™ notebooks to deliver different filtering profiles by individual or group.
Is Anywhere Filter built for schools?

Yes. Anywhere Filter was developed specifically for education. It supports learning by balancing the needs of both the IT staff and educators. It blocks inappropriate content and empowers educators to easily select web resources appropriate for their lessons.

What does it cost? What is the licensing model? There’s a one-time cost for the appliance or virtual appliance and also an annual software license. Technical support, updates, new features, and maintenance are included in the cost of the software license. For deployments under 500 devices, there are standard license sizes in 50-device increments. Our Enterprise licensing starts at 500 devices; we have a per device charge based on the actual number of devices deployed.
Is Anywhere Filter just a proxy? No. Anywhere Filter uses fast, lightweight communication instead of just proxying traffic back through your school’s network.  When a user makes a request to go to a site, it sends a lightweight message back to your network. The message identifies the user by device name and checks if he/she has permission to access the filtering category(s) the site belongs to. If the user does not have the required permission, he/she gets a blocked screen and cannot proceed any further. If the user does have the required permissions, the device allows the content from the destination site; this traffic moves quickly because it goes directly through the device’s Internet connection.
How does it work?

Windows® and OS X® Devices
For laptops and MacBook® computers, device drivers located on the server are downloaded either for each individual client or groups of clients using Directory Services (Active Directory® for Windows clients or Open Directory for Apple® clients). Then, Anywhere Filter determines access to sites based on the profile assigned directly to the client or the group the client is in.
iOS Devices
Anywhere Filter for iOS is a filtered browser downloaded from the App Store that communicates with the BASCOM solution installed on your network. Our mobile filtering solution either allows or denies access to sites based on profiles that you manage.


Chromebook Notebooks
Anywhere Filter Cloud works seamlessly with the Google Management Console to manage Internet access for each user according to their profile. The Anywhere Filter Chrome browser extension is downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and pushed out to each device.


iOS Devices
Global Proxy Support delivers filtering for iOS devices, providing another option to the Anywhere Filter browser app. Instead, the standard, full-featured Safari browser can be used. This allows emails, webclips, links and other programs to launch correctly while also filtering apps. However, there are some trade-offs. Global Proxy Support requires traffic to flow through the school’s Internet connection, resulting in increased traffic and utilization of school bandwidth.

Will it allow us to use Google Docs? Yes. Many of our current customers are using this software now.  In particular, Anywhere Filter Cloud on a Chromebook notebook works with the Google Management Console to provide appropriate access to Google Apps for Education (GAfE).
Is Anywhere Filter CIPA-compliant? Yes. Anywhere Filter is CIPA-compliant.
We get our filtering from a regional educational service organization and we have limited control over how it works. Will Anywhere Filter work in this scenario? Yes. We have many customers in exactly this situation. BASCOM Technical Support will work with your organization to make sure Anywhere Filter is deployed correctly.
Does it provide tracking and reporting for iPad devices? Yes. There’s a reporting system built into the administrator interface of Anywhere Filter, so you can run access reports on a device. However, there is no tracking to determine the location of a device.
When using the Anywhere Filter browser app for iOS devices, how is an iPad configured? Restrictions need to be made on each iPad or iOS device. Safari® must be disabled* including the ability for the user to install and purchase apps. Most schools are also disabling FaceTime and YouTube. Settings can be pushed out to groups of devices using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.
*Global Proxy Support enables the Safari browser to be used.
How is the Anywhere Filter browser app configured? Anywhere Filter settings for the browser are configured by the administrator. They can be made on each individual device or pushed out using BASCOM’s auto configuration feature.
Is Anywhere Filter an appliance-based solution? Anywhere Filter is delivered on a traditional appliance or as a virtualized machine. It's also offered as a cloud-based solution.
What operating systems are supported by Anywhere Filter? Anywhere Filter supports Windows, OS X, iOS, and Chrome OS™ operating systems. A single Anywhere Filter license can include various mobile devices.
We’re not allowing our students to take home iPad devices and laptops. Do we still need mobile filtering? Some schools are having problems with free and unsecured WiFi signals that are accessible from inside their buildings. Students and teachers with school-owned devices are using outside WiFi and getting unfiltered access to the Internet. The Anywhere Filter mobile filtering solution keeps your devices secure by filtering them no matter how they’re connecting. Also, students are setting up their smartphones to act as hotspots, then logging into them to get unfiltered access. While we can’t prevent students from doing this, we can ensure that if a school-owned device gets online this way, it will still be filtered.



How Internet Filters Work

How does the Anywhere Filter block websites?

Understanding how our Internet filter works will help you better understand how it can benefit your school and students. Anywhere Filter uses a content list updated nightly which categorizes millions of sites in over 90 categories. Access to these categories can be permitted or blocked. They are color coded with red indicating those strongly recommended for blocking. 

For more granular control, sites are categorized in multiple categories. If a site is blocked in one category, but allowed in another, a "trust" setting is available to always allow the site.

In addition to categorizing sites, Anywhere Filter performs dynamic analysis of URLs to detect anonymous proxy sites (or anonymizers) used by students to access social networking sites.  Traffic is continuously scanned and closely examined for patterns indicative of a proxy, and if identified, access is immediately denied.

How Does Anywhere Filter Fit in with my Existing Technology?

Anywhere Filter smoothly integrates with your existing infrastructure to filter your mobile devices. It can work side-by-side with your school or district-wide filtering solution, so that when your iPad® or other mobile devices leave the network, Anywhere Filter detects this and instantly activates. It can be configured to always filter your mobile devices or to just filter the devices when they leave your network.

To learn more about how our Internet filters work to deliver the advanced filtering and Internet security you need for your mobile devices, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726 to schedule your personal demo.

Virtualized Filter for Reduced Costs

Today there is a need to provide increased computer access while operating within the constraints of a tight, and sometimes, dwindling technology budget. BASCOM recognizes this challenge and is now delivering virtualized filter solutions. When a single server is dedicated to a specific application, hardware costs are increased since the appliance is often underutilized.

Virtualization, or providing security and content filtering on a virtual machine, maximizes hardware by consolidating multiple applications on a single server or cluster. Since virtual appliances enable multiple operating systems and applications to run on a single machine, they reduce capital expenses, electricity costs, and administration.

VM Filter Appliances for Simplicity and Savings

A virtual appliance eases the burdens on System Administrators by streamlining solutions, integration, and support. Schools can now standardize on hardware platforms or with existing virtual environments such as VMware®, VirtualBox, or MicroSoft Hyper-V optimized solutions. As their needs grow, the hardware can easily be scaled to allocate additional computer resources to the virtual machine cluster.  VM filter appliances enable schools to gain significant savings through economies-of-scale, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

For easy migration, a System Administrator can easily move a snapshot of a virtual environment to a new server infrastructure. In addition to simplifying deployment and operation while also delivering greater performance and economic efficiency, backup and disaster recovery is also much quicker.

Key Features and Benefits of our virtualized filter solution:

Delivers the same advanced network security, web filtering, and mobile security as a dedicated appliance.

  • Provides lower total cost of ownership by optimizing hardware usage.
  • Simplifies deployments, migrations, and backup and restore operations.
  • Streamlines installations using your existing VMware®, VirtualBox, or MicroSoft Hyper-V infrastructure.


Learn More about BASCOM's VM Filter Solutions

Find out how BASCOM’s virtual solutions can provide additional savings and simplify operations while still providing the same advanced network security and web filtering as a dedicated appliance.  Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726 to schedule your personal demo.


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