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In order to safely use mobile devices in education, three key problems must be solved—filtering a mobile device when free, unfiltered WiFi access is everywhere, minimizing access to malicious sites when off-network, and filtering at-home student use. Learn how BASCOM’s Anywhere Filter solves these problems.


An Anytime, Anywhere, Any Connection Mobile Filter

  • Filters your mobile devices no matter where they connect to the Internet-at home, in school, using public WiFi or personal hotspots.
  • Works hand in hand with your existing filter.
  • Deploys on a virtualized machine, as a cloud-based solution, or on a filter appliance.
  • A mobile school filtering solution built for learning that supports one to one initiatives in education.
  • Integrates with a leading MDM solution—Casper Suite by JAMF Software.

Challenges and Solutions

What Challenges Do You Face When Selecting A Mobile Device Content Filter?

  • You need a mobile filter specifically built for schools with educational features designed for productive learning.
  • The mobile device filter must work along side of your existing network content filter.
  • You must quickly configure the filter settings of many iPad® or other iOS devices.
  • You need to integrate with a leading mobile device management solution, such as Casper Suite by JAMF software.

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How Does It Work

Our Mobile Filter Works With Windows, Macintosh, Chromebook and iOS Devices

  • Works with Windows, Macintosh, and Chromebook™ clients and iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® devices using iOS.
  • For iOS devices used with a BASCOM solution, Anywhere Filter browser app replaces Safari. Visit the App Store to download BASCOM's iPhone, iPod touch and iPad filtering app for free.
  • Enforces school's acceptable use policies on and off network.
  • Global Proxy Support filters iOS devices (without using Anywhere Filter browser app so Safari can be used) and Chromebook notebooks.
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Key Questions
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Key Questions About BASCOM's Anywhere Filter

  • Do I have to replace my existing school- or district-wide filtering solution?
  • Can I setup specific filtering profiles for students and teachers or for different groups?
  • What does it cost? What is the licensing model?
  • Is it built for schools?

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Maintain CIPA Compliant Internet Access For Your Mobile Devices

  • Enforces your Acceptable Use Policies on CIPA compliant mobile devices.
  • Keeps students focused for a productive Internet learning experience.
  • Meets the E-Rate funding requirements for mobile web filtering.

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How to Buy

Steps to Buying Anywhere Filter

  • A quick overview of the purchasing process for Anywhere Filter.
  • Tips on how to quickly learn more about Anywhere Filter.
  • Information on the steps involved in implementing the solution.

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