Mobile Filtering Built to Support a 1:1 Program


Brian Sandak, Network and System Administrator for Port Jefferson School, speaks about how BASCOM built Anywhere Filter to support the launch of a 1:1 program for the district's sixth grade class.



BASCOM Builds Mobile Filtering Solution for 1:1 Program

Watch this video to learn how BASCOM built Anywhere Filter™, a mobile filtering solution, around the specific needs of a local school district launching a 1:1 program for its sixth grade class. Brian Sandak, Network and Systems Administrator for Port Jefferson School, wanted to provide notebook computers to students, but he was challenged with keeping them focused on appropriate content when the mobile computers were used off network. Sandak turned to BASCOM, the Internet filter provider for the district, and they responded by creating Anywhere Filter.

This response is typical for BASCOM. Since its beginning in 1996, BASCOM has focused on creating web filters for schools that meet the challenges of both IT staff and teachers in using the Internet for learning. BASCOM works with its customers to continuously innovate and build new solutions to match the emerging technology needs of schools and learning environments. Creating Anywhere Filter for Port Jefferson School is indicative of its close relationship with customers and its commitment to education.

What Makes BASCOM’s Web Filters for Schools the Best Solutions?

BASCOM's mobile filtering solutions are built specifically for learning and to support a 1:1 program. They are designed to enable educators to decide how the Internet should be used in their particular learning environment, while operating within the established Acceptable Use Policy set by the technology director.

Learn More about BASCOM’s Web Filters for Schools

Find out why choosing a solution built by an education technology expert provides instructional advantages for schools. Learn how BASCOM supports education, including a 1:1 program, by filling out a contact form or calling us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.


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