BASCOM “Bumps” Ahead in Mobile Filtering with Educational Features Designed for Productive Learning

Hauppauge, NY—June 12, 2012—BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc., an industry leader in developing instructional technology security and curriculum tools, today announces the new 2.2 release of its Anywhere Filter™ browser app for iPad®, iPod touch®, and iPhone® devices. Adding the interactive and fun Bump™ feature to its educationally-focused, mobile filtering keeps Anywhere Filter in front of the pack. This gives educators the tools they need to use mobile technology effectively for learning. New browser features also improve productivity.

New Bump™ Feature Promotes Learning:

Bump™ is a quick way of enabling a teacher to give each student entering the classroom instant access to the webpage used for the day’s lesson. Just as its name implies, Bump™ enables a teacher with an iPad or another iOS device to “bump” an iPad held by a student. Instantly, the webpage is now sent by the teacher to the student. In seconds, everyone in the class is ready to start.

BASCOM’s design philosophy is based on combining Internet security and mobile filtering with instructional technology. We build solutions that address the specific challenges educators have in using the Internet in the classroom.  “Imagine the frustrations a teacher encounters when trying to get elementary students to enter a URL before a class can begin,” states Robert DeRosa, BASCOM’s CTO. “Bump™ removes this struggle by quickly getting each student to the correct webpage.”

Bump™ provides information-swapping between devices, and now that this capability has been added to Anywhere Filter, using iPad devices in education just got easier.  “Bump™ is excited that our Application Programming Interface (API) is being used to enable new interactions in the classroom,” adds Thomas Greany, the Head of API at Bump Technologies, Inc.



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BASCOM's goal is to help children become successful learners by safely extracting the educational content of the web. This is accomplished by building Internet teaching tools based on input we've received from K-12 educators. We are constantly adapting our products to meet the changing needs of today's teachers.

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