Customized URL Filtering Built for Schools

BASCOM’s solutions provide customized filtering for schools using a number of techniques, such as URL filtering. Preloaded with a URL filter list that automatically categorizes over 25 million sites in 96 comprehensive categories, our solutions allow access to categories to be either permitted or blocked, allowing the filter to be fine-tuned for each computer or user. Our solutions also offer the ability to globally block or add categories for the entire location or to specifically block or allow categories using a profile set to a user (or users) a computer (or group of computers). As new websites are added, this URL filter list is automatically updated by BASCOM to stay current with the continually changing Internet.

Filtering with Trust Feature Minimizes Over-Blocking

The trust feature built into BASCOM’s filters sets it above other solutions. To minimize over-blocking, our filter categorizes websites into more than one category. For example, a site may be categorized under Games, but it may also fall under Education because the games on the particular site provide educational value. With many filters, schools simply block Games and that’s the end of it. BASCOM’s solutions with this sophisticated Trust feature, blocks Games, and trusts Education, so that educational games are accessible, but the remaining games are not.

URL Content Filtering with Real Time Proxy Detection

To keep students focused on their work by eliminating Internet distractions such as social networking sites, BASCOM filters deliver up-to-date security using real time proxy detection.  As new dynamic proxies develop, the filtering built into our solutions uses a heuristic approach to analyze patterns in the requested URL. If a suspicious pattern is detected for a site that is not yet blocked by the Remote Proxies filter category in our URL filter list, access to it is automatically stopped.

Learn More about the Benefits of Using a BASCOM Filter with URL Filtering

Find out how using a BASCOM filter with URL content filtering and real time proxy detection can keep students safe and learning productive.  Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.

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