Customized URL Filtering Built for Schools

BASCOM’s solutions provide customized filtering for schools using a number of techniques, such as URL filtering. Preloaded with a URL filter list that automatically categorizes over 25 million sites in 96 comprehensive categories, our solutions allow access to categories to be either permitted or blocked, allowing the filter to be fine-tuned for each computer or user. Our solutions also offer the ability to globally block or add categories for the entire location or to specifically block or allow categories using a profile set to a user (or users) a computer (or group of computers). As new websites are added, this URL filter list is automatically updated by BASCOM to stay current with the continually changing Internet.

Filtering with Trust Feature Minimizes Over-Blocking

The trust feature built into BASCOM’s filters sets it above other solutions. To minimize over-blocking, our filter categorizes websites into more than one category. For example, a site may be categorized under Games, but it may also fall under Education because the games on the particular site provide educational value. With many filters, schools simply block Games and that’s the end of it. BASCOM’s solutions with this sophisticated Trust feature, blocks Games, and trusts Education, so that educational games are accessible, but the remaining games are not.

URL Content Filtering with Real Time Proxy Detection

To keep students focused on their work by eliminating Internet distractions such as social networking sites, BASCOM filters deliver up-to-date security using real time proxy detection.  As new dynamic proxies develop, the filtering built into our solutions uses a heuristic approach to analyze patterns in the requested URL. If a suspicious pattern is detected for a site that is not yet blocked by the Remote Proxies filter category in our URL filter list, access to it is automatically stopped.

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Find out how using a BASCOM filter with URL content filtering and real time proxy detection can keep students safe and learning productive.  Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.

A School Content Filter with Authentication

alt Frontera provides a school content filter with flexible authentication options to accommodate most network architectures. The methods offered with this school Internet filtering solution can be mixed and matched to work within many environments—all without reworking administrative philosophies.


  • The simplest configuration permits access control assignments by a client's IP address. This allows access policies to be set across a large number of client computers.


  • Frontera is a school Internet filtering solution that can be configured to require a login before permitting access. This login is directly tied to a profile, allowing a roving user to apply their Internet access settings to any computer on a network.

Directory Services Integration (Novell, Microsoft Active Directory)

  • Access can be authenticated and controlled by utilizing the client's LDAP attributes. When a user logs into their computer, their identifying information is associated with the access control defined within Frontera's administrator interface. Access can be controlled by user or workstation name, or by the associated group or organizational unit.

Directory Services Logging and Reporting

  • LDAP can also be used for access logging and reporting. Rather than "opaque" reporting of usage by IP address, utilizing the directory services feature permits reporting with more useful, descriptive names. Doing this requires no configuration or administration of directory services during installation; the login facility conveys a user's information automatically to Frontera's logging and reporting subsystem. Established components of a network's design are leveraged intuitively, without forcing the administration of access control into an "all or nothing" approach.


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Find out how using Frontera for school Internet filtering can keep students safe and learning productive. Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726.

Content Filtering for Schools

Customizing Internet Access with Content Filtering for Schools

Frontera offers Access Zones to deliver content filtering for schools and organizations that can be customized to the amount of Internet access needed. Selecting an Access Zone is easy to do. It can be accomplished globally for a school, or it can be set while creating a lesson. The Global Chalkboard is a flexible school content filtering solution. It gives customers the ability to access as much or as little of the Internet as required.alt

Lesson Zone

The Lesson Zone enables students to access only the Web sites chosen by the teacher for that lesson, and nothing else. With the Lesson Zone, the students remain "on task" as the they use the Internet. This type of school content filter is especially useful when creating lessons for At-Risk students. Learn more on using the Global Chalkboard for Academic Intervention Services

School Zone

The School Zone contains the Web Library, an online catalog of focused, educational Web resources for educators and students. The K-12, education-specific portal contains a continually updated selection of educator-reviewed Web sites organized by essential curriculum categories (e.g. Math, ELA, The Arts, and Science). The Web Library is only available to authorized subscribers of the system, and serves as a starting point, making Internet research easier for beginners and faster for experienced users.

Research Zone

This highly customizable zone of our school content filter provides teachers the option to let students access the entire Internet, except for a list of "blocked" sites. Students can explore and research at greater depth with greater safety. Educators may override aspects of the filter to allow sites that would normally be blocked by this function or they may add sites to be filtered out instantly. This means no waiting for "the filter company" to review and respond to requests for changes in the list.

Click here for a definition of the contents of each filter category in the Research Zone. (220 KB PDF)

Internet Zone

This zone gives schools the choice of offering users full and unrestricted Internet access. With a quick change of the Learning Zone setting, complete, unrestricted Internet access is provided to selected users.

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BASCOM's school content filters and Web lesson tools unite technology with instruction. Join the hundreds of schools and libraries around the country that are currently using our technology to facilitate student achievement. To learn more, view a webinar, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726 to schedule your personal demo.


How to Buy Frontera

Learn more about BASCOM's Frontera school web filtering solution:
  1. Complete the Complimentary Demonstration Form and a representative will contact you or  call us at 1-888-922-2726.
  2. Download and review the following:
    1. Key Buying Questions
    2. Technology @ a Glance
    1. Demonstrations:
      1. A sales representative will arrange an informative demonstration of both the user and administrative tools.
      2. Demonstration
        1. User Experience
        2. Administrative Interface
Making the Purchase:
  1. If you are interested in buying Frontera, your sales representative will review your current needs, work with you to design a plan, and then implement a school web filtering solution that allows future growth.
  2. They will send you a quote for your review and signature. 
  3. Once the quote is signed, email or fax it to our office with a purchase order (if required by your organization).
Implementing the Solution:
  1. A member of our technical support team will send you a questionnaire and assist you in its completion. The information collected will allow us to ensure the proper setup of your filter.
  2. If you are using an appliance for the solution, it will be shipped directly to you. 
  3. A member of our team will call you to make an appointment. They will then help with setting up the appliance or the virtual machine.
  4. They will review the methods available to you for setting up your desktop and mobile devices and offer assistance during any step of the process.
  5. Ongoing questions can be directed anytime to our technical team or your sales representative.

K12 URL Filtering Technology

Easy to Use, Scalable Filter

alt Frontera is a reliable, robust, and scalable school URL filter solution. Its flexible Internet filtering technology enables it to fit into almost any infrastructure with minimal maintenance. To meet these needs, Frontera offers the following technological features and benefits:

  • Simple, Web-based administration.
  • Easy integration into a wide variety of existing TCP/IP networks and client operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • Server-side solution with no proprietary client software.
  • Configurations can be applied to individual computers and/or groups of computers.
  • Works with any form of Internet access.
  • Automatic software and content updates and back-up every night.
  • Includes necessary network infrastructure components optimized for any school, community or organization including Internet gateway router, Internet filter, firewall and Web cache system.


Learn More About Frontera, a School URL Filter

BASCOM's K12 URL filter is built to support learning. Join the hundreds of schools and libraries around the country that are currently using our school URL filter to facilitate student achievement. To learn more, schedule a demo or call us today at 1-888-922-2726.

For details about Frontera's K12 URL filter technology, print our informational piece:

Frontera Technology @ a Glance (174kb PDF)



SMARTrecover Framework — BASCOM's Enterprise Edition

alt In response to a critical need for Web access and onsite service hosting, BASCOM now offers its SMARTrecover Framework (SRF) for Frontera. This provides extra protection against network disruptions caused by unexpected hardware failures. By offering a seamless solution to critical connectivity interruptions, BASCOM's SRF immediately eliminates single points of hardware failure and maximizes uptime during sensitive system updates.

BASCOM's SRF is a high-availability solution that offers three levels of protection by:

  • Switching to a "hot standby" appliance within 30 seconds to maximize uptime during a hardware failure.
  • Preserving the previous day's data on the secondary appliance in case of corruption on the primary.
  • Delaying software updates to the secondary appliance for a week and freezing its configuration data to save the state of the system prior to the release.

Express Exchange Warranty

For hardware failures with notification to BASCOM by 12:00 noon Eastern Time, our three (3)-year Express Exchange Warranty guarantees delivery of a new appliance the following business morning. (Notifications after 12:00 noon Eastern Time cannot guarantee delivery of a new appliance the following day.) SRF provides a high-availability automated solution for maximizing Internet connectivity uptime for your enterprise-class, network installation. By enhancing BASCOM's award-winning Frontera with the SMARTrecover Framework, you can minimize the risk of using a complex, Internet access management system for your network.

Logging & Reporting

alt Frontera makes it easy for an Administrator or Technology Director to study how the Internet is being used. This logging and reporting tool also automatically archives log files for easier auditing and logs all access requests for a firewall rule from either inside or outside of a network. With Frontera you can access the following reports:

  • Workstation Reports for analyzing Internet use for a workstation
  • Profile Reports for locating a profile by specific criteria
  • User Reports for finding individuals that are misusing the Internet
  • Access Reports for analyzing Internet use by specific requests
  • Firewall Traffic Reports

Reporting for LDAP-based Directory Services

Frontera is now able to integrate with LDAP-based directory services—such as Novell eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory—to add User Names to reports.

School Content Filtering with Peer-to-Peer

alt Your network and its bandwidth are protected by the peer-to-peer blocking and monitoring capabilities of Frontera, a K12 web filter.

School Content Filtering with Peer-to-Peer Blocking

Peer-to-peer blocking protects a network and its bandwidth by restricting clients from running many distributed peer-to-peer file sharing and browsing programs. This allows the enforcement of your Internet Use Policies. It effectively detects most protocols, including: bittorrent, gnutella, edonkey, fasttrack, neonet, ares, and torpark.

Our protocol blocking monitors all traffic flowing from your network to the Internet. By examining the data, Frontera detects suspicious traffic from clients on your network. When this traffic is detected, Frontera restricts all Internet access on that client computer for five minutes. In addition, this access is logged so you can further review and identify chronic peer-to-peer violators.

Peer-to-Peer Monitoring

Frontera's peer-to-peer control monitors and logs activity, quietly logging access, but not blocking the access of violating clients. This K12 web filter provides the freedom of not restricting clients, while still maintaining the ability to administer network utilization.


TorPark (now referred to as XeroBank) uses a modified version of FireFox, which routes its traffic through a worldwide distributed network of "onion" servers. These servers make Web requests on behalf of the TorPark browser—therefore not only distributing Web access, but also anonymizing the access in the process. This circumvents most front-line, web content control. Incorporating TorPark control into Frontera's suite of detectable peer-to-peer protocols effectively fixes the security and policy issues that these browsing proxies and anonymizers introduce.

Learn More About Frontera, a K12 Web Filter

Find out how using Frontera for school content filtering can keep students safe and learning productive. Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726.

Dynamic Proxy Detection

Block Proxy Sites with Multi-Layered, Real Time Proxy Detection

Frontera now offers multi-layered dynamic proxy detection as part of its school content filter solution.  This feature provides a defense against remote proxy servers.

Using a heuristic approach that analyzes patterns in the requested URL, your BASCOM development team has now fortified Frontera's security. These patterns are analyzed in real-time and deliver the most up-to-date protection to block proxy sites and anonymous proxies.

With this new dynamic remote proxy detection system and its strong decryption capabilities, Frontera checks those proxy sites not yet identified and blocked by the Remote Proxies filter category. When Frontera detects a suspicious pattern, it dynamically blocks access to the site.

With today's students eager to access social networking sites during school hours, our dynamic proxy detection adds an extra layer of protection to help maintain productive Internet usage in the classroom.

Learn More About Dynamic Proxy Detection from BASCOM

BASCOM's school content filter dynamic proxy detection feature adds a sophisticated level of security to your students' Internet use. Join the hundreds of schools and libraries around the country that are currently using our technology to block proxy sites and anonymous proxies. To learn more or to schedule your personal demo, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726.

IP Multicast Support

alt Streaming of video, audio or other multimedia content from the Internet to multiple computers simultaneously can consume massive amounts of bandwidth. Frontera now supports PIM and IGMP multicasting. This enables it to receive a single video and then broadcast it to many computers on a network, thus saving huge amounts of bandwidth. However, multicasting requires support from your Internet Service Provider, and can only be enabled and configured by contacting BASCOM support.



  • Every night, Frontera performs automatic, remote backup of all configuration files—including firewall rules, profiles, and network settings—and stores this data securely at BASCOM's Network Operation Center. This relieves technology staff of doing daily tape backups.


  • For disaster recovery, a phone call to BASCOM's Technical Support staff is all that is needed to remotely restore Frontera using a private, inter-server, communication channel. A simple interface is used to restore backed-up data and Internet access. For hardware failures with notification to BASCOM by 12:00 noon Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, our three (3)-year Express Exchange Warranty guarantees delivery of a new Frontera appliance server the following business morning. (Notifications after 12:00 noon Eastern Time cannot guarantee delivery of a new appliance the following day.)
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