BASCOM Appliance Servers

School Web Filter Appliance for K12 Web Filtering

BASCOM's K12 web filtering solutions are provided as a cloud service, a virtualized filter,  or preloaded on an appliance server. With a variety of options offered, there's a model appropriate for your installation. After evaluating your specific requirements, BASCOM's Technical Support team will recommend a school web filter appliance suitable for your needs.

To simplify deployment, your BASCOM web filter appliance server is a complete drop-in solution. It offers the convenience of purchasing a server preloaded with software from a single-point-of-contact. The appliance can be either rack- or shelf-mounted and includes our Express Exchange Warranty. And for your peace-of-mind, support for your K12 web filtering is always just a phone call away.

Our School Web Filter Appliance is Backed by our Express Exchange Warranty

For hardware failures with notification to BASCOM by 12:00 noon Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, our three (3)-year Express Exchange Warranty guarantees delivery of a new web filter appliance server with K12 web filtering the following business morning. (Notifications after 12:00 noon Eastern Time cannot guarantee delivery of a new appliance the following day.)

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