Frontera: A School Web Filter

alt Frontera provides customized K12 web filtering using a number of disparate techniques. These techniques can be applied to various elements of your network in a customized and unique manner, depending on your needs. For flexibility when unrestricted Internet access is needed quickly, the school web filter can also be deactivated using a password. The following filtering techniques are utilized:

Dynamic URL Filtering and Categorization

  • Frontera comes loaded with powerful K12 web filtering which automatically categorizes millions of sites in over 90 comprehensive categories. Access to these categories can be permitted or blocked, allowing it to be fine-tuned for each computer. This list is automatically updated by BASCOM, reflecting the continuous changes of websites and their content.

Real Time Proxy Detection

  • In addition to categorizing known Internet proxies through our URL filter list, Frontera examines suspicious-looking URLs to determine if the network client is attempting to circumvent its filter by use of a proxy. This dynamic detection is in addition to the category list, as proxy servers routinely are set up quickly, possibly prior to being categorized in the master list.


Safe-Search Mode

  • Frontera can optionally enforce "Safe Search" levels within popular search engines. This allows the Safe Search option to be set on each local network client, regardless of how that client has attempted to set up their Safe Search level within their browser.


Safe-Search for Google Images and Search Engine Cache

  • Frontera can also apply K12 web filtering policies to Google's image search by examining the destination of the image thumbnails, further protecting users from inappropriate content that is otherwise difficult for traditional Web filters to detect.

File & Extension Blocking

  • Frontera also permits selective blocking of specific files and file types. This provides control over the type of content clients can download. System Administrators can also set exception rules to allow specific files or file type downloads only from specific sites.

Streaming Media Blocking

  • Blocks all types of streaming media, while allowing a user to selectively permit focused media content.

Select Viewing of YouTube Videos

  • Although many educators want to use specific YouTube videos or channels for educational purposes, allowing the entire site may deliver inappropriate content. To address this need BASCOM recently announced its new Frontera Video Selector. This robust feature enables educators to safely allow a specific YouTube video or channel and its related page content, while blocking access to other videos.
  • This feature streamlines a very difficult process for the user. Without this feature, the user would have to individually allow many links to aggregate the entire page. Since the YouTube site ( employs a highly complex infrastructure that relies on many different servers for streaming content, building a single YouTube page requires intelligent URL inspection to examine each link required for the page. Frontera Video Selector performs this automatically to allow all necessary content for proper page display.

Instant Messenger Blocking

  • Blocks most popular types of instant messenger clients on a profile basis.

Granular Web Site Control

  • In addition to URL categorization, Frontera enables the built-in K12 web filtering techniques to be overridden by permitting a defined list of allowed or blocked exceptions. The granularity of this can be as wide as an entire domain name, or as narrow as a specific page. Each filter profile has its own list of custom allowed/blocked sites. For even more granular control, sites are categorized in multiple categories. If a site is blocked in one category, but allowed in another, a "trust" setting is available to always allow the site.

Block HTTPS Traffic

  • This feature gives System Administrators the ability to filter access to all sites with encrypted Web traffic while also having the ability to allow specific encrypted sites. This provides another layer of protection from non-legitimate, https proxy sites.

Remote Frontera Administration

  • System Administrators have the flexibility of securely managing Frontera from any location.

Mobile Filtering and Protection from External WiFi Signals

  • Enforces your policy on your mobile devices when used off-network. Works with Apple iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®; Mac OS® X; and Windows®. Prevents anyone using your mobile devices from dodging your filter through public WiFi or personal hotspots and protects your network by securing your mobile devices from malware and phishing sites.


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