CIPA Compliant Filter Built by an Educationally Focused Company


Gabriel Forrester, Technology Director for Mendon CUSD #4, describes why he selected BASCOM, an education technology company, to meet his Internet filtering needs



A Customer Chooses BASCOM’s CIPA Compliant Filter for Its Educational Focus

Watch this video to learn why a technology director in a public school district chooses BASCOM’s CIPA compliant filter to meet the varied educational needs of its students and teachers. Learn about features, such as YouTube™ Filtering, that set an educational solution apart from other non-industry specific solutions.


"BASCOM has been a great partner to have as we rolled out our 1:1 program. Their Anywhere Filter™ is easy to install, available on several platforms, and gives me great control of the content accessible on my devices. Also BASCOM’s Tech Support has been super-responsive to all of our requests and suggestions for future product development."
—Gabriel Forrester, Mendon CUSD #4


What Makes BASCOM’s Solutions the Best for Schools?

BASCOM's solutions are built specifically for learning and to support a one to one program. They are designed to enable educators to decide how the Internet should be used in their particular learning environment, while operating within the established Acceptable Use Policy set by the technology director.

Learn More about BASCOM’s CIPA Compliant Filter for Schools

Find out why choosing a solution from BASCOM, an education technology expert, provides instructional advantages for schools. Learn how they support education, including a one to one program and YouTube filtering, by filling out a contact form or calling today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.


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