School Web Filtering Comparison: All-in-One vs. Best-of-Breed

If you’re in the market for network and management solutions, there are many options to consider. When you compare web filters, some vendors provide a single, integrated system or an all-in-one solution, designed to meet all or a majority of a customer’s needs. Others specialize in a specific niche and provide a single product, or best-of-breed solution, that integrates with other products. Use this web filtering comparison to assist you with making your purchasing decision.

All-in-One or Single Provider

Many vendors provide multiple applications to support an all-in-one solution. At first glance, this approach may appear very beneficial since a wide range of needs are satisfied with one vendor. Purchasing an all-in-one solution from a single supplier simplifies the solution since there will be a single vendor relationship. It is often easier to implement and cheaper to own. However, these perceived advantages may also prove to be a disadvantage if the solution is limited in depth of functionality within each application. Also, as a “one-size-fits-all” approach, these solutions aren’t generally market specific.

Best-of-Breed or Niche Vendor

In the best-of-breed approach a vendor builds a single product. Niche vendors dedicate all of their resources to a specific application, so this method suits itself well to specialization within an industry. Often, niche vendors partner to provide fully integrated, feature-rich solutions across multiple applications for a highly-specialized market. For example, BASCOM partners with JAMF to integrate school content filtering with school mobile device management—the Casper MDM solution. Niche products are often more expensive, so purchasing multiple best-of-breed products may add to your costs. However, this added expense must be measured against the gain in market-specific features.

Filtering in Education

Since the filtering needs for education are so unique, niche solutions built specifically for learning environments offer many advantages when you compare web filters. If the niche solution is more expensive, this may outweigh the added costs. When niche vendors in education integrate their applications, the combined solution delivers even more specialized functionality while also minimizing complexity. For example, filtering built for learning can also be combined with mobile device management (such as a Casper MDM solution) that specializes in iOS devices for education. These two solutions coupled together give IT staff the exact network security and device management needed for schools. And, teachers get a filtering solution that empowers them with access privileges so they can make content decisions while working within the Acceptable Use Policies maintained by IT.

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