Frontera PlayRight: A Video Content Management System


Frontera PlayRight™, a video content management system, supports YouTube for Schools*. With access to many educational videos, YouTube for Schools gives teachers a library of dynamic, online instructional resources. By entering the YouTube code (Edufilter ID) of your school or teacher’s channel on the PlayRight video manager settings screen, videos are instantly filtered so that students are focused to all of the content on and the content in the specified channel. All comments and suggested videos are removed and searching is limited to YouTube EDU videos.

PlayRight, a video manager, easily manages, filters, and customizes YouTube for School content. Using the same profile, a Technology Director can focus all students in a school on the same instruction resources  (i.e., and a school’s channel). Also, different profiles can be used to customize the content for specific groups of students (i.e., and a teacher’s channel).

Flexible YouTube Content Filter

You Tube for SchoolsTeachers have always been in charge of choosing the educational materials used in their classrooms. With PlayRight, this ability now safely and quickly extends to video. PlayRight eliminates the bottlenecks created when a teacher requests access to specific YouTube videos. Using Frontera’s flexibleYouTube content filter, authority privileges can be assigned by a Technology Director to a teacher, so that he/she can select and allow videos themselves.

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*YouTube does not currently support the use of YouTube for Schools on iOS devices.



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