Best Practices in Internet Security for Schools

Make sure the Internet solution you choose for your school includes the following safety and security features:

Safety Using a CIPA Filter

  • Is the filter CIPA-compliant?
  • Does the CIPA filter prevent students from accessing inappropriate sites by using an anonymous proxy site?

The most popular search engines have some variety of “safe search,” in which results are checked for inappropriate content before they are returned to the user. The problem is that most students know how to disable this feature in their web browser.

  • Does the filter automatically enforce "safe search" so the user can’t turn it off?
  • Does Google Safesearch™ also include Google Images™? When a student searches using Google™ search, are the images filtered so that the results contain no inappropriate content?
  • Does "safe search" include cached sites? When a student searches, are recently visited sites stored in cache also filtered?

Internet Security for Schools

  • Does the filter provide a complete instructional Internet management solution by providing a school firewall to offer an extra layer of protection?
  • And, can this layer integrate with an existing firewall or operate independently as the primary school firewall for your network?
  • Does it come with Internet security for school-owned devices (including mobile devices) from malicious sites such as Phishing, Hacking, Virus and other undesirables before they have a chance to do damage?

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