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What is Anywhere Filter? Anywhere Filter™ is a CIPA-compliant school mobile filtering client that was developed by BASCOM originally for a school district that needed a one to one initiative to roll out laptops to its entire sixth grade. Anywhere Filter protects users from accessing inappropriate content while using any available Internet connection. No matter where a user connects to the Internetwhether at school, work, at home, using a personal hotspot or over public WiFiAnywhere Filter provides mobile device security. Anywhere Filter also provides a first line of defense to protect your mobile devices from accessing Web sites known to spread malicious software including viruses, phishing sites, keyloggers, etc.
What devices does Anywhere Filter support?

Anywhere Filter provides school mobile filtering for:

  • Windows® 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • OS X®-10.6 or later
  • iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® devices using Anywhere Filter browser app. Global Proxy Support also available for iOS devices. This enables the standard Safari browser to be used.
  • Chromebook™ notebooks and Chromebox™ devices using our cloud deployment methodology.
How is Anywhere Filter deployed? Anywhere Filter can be purchased as a virtualized filter or a standalone solution with a Frontera filter appliance. It is also offered as a cloud-based school mobile filtering solution which does not require the purchase of a filter appliance.
Is it difficult to configure Anywhere Filter? NO. Anywhere Filter is an easy-to-configure mobile filtering solution. Your Administrator creates profiles mapped to your laptops. Each time your laptop is used off network Anywhere Filter automatically kicks in. For iOS devices, the Anywhere Filter browser app needs to be downloaded from the App Store. Then, use Instant Config to instantly configure your mobile devices. Just make sure the following settings are OFF: YouTube, Safari, Installing Apps and Deleting Apps.
How do I download the free Anywhere Filter browser app on the App Store? To download the free app, go to the App Store icon.

Then, search for BASCOM, select Anywhere Filter and install it.
Does the Anywhere Filter browser app for iOS devices include educationally-focused and time-saving/security browser features? YES. The Anywhere Filter browser app goes beyond simply replacing the Safari® browser. It provides educationally-focused features such as:
  • Shared Bookmarks—Administrators can easily create and share a list of bookmarks with all of their devices.
  • QR Reader—Teachers can now post a QR code on their computer screen or whiteboard, or they can print it out. Then immediately upon entering the classroom, students can use their iOS devices to read the QR code so that they are instantly directed to the Internet page needed for that day’s lesson.


Also included are additional time-saving browser features:

  • Quickly saves an image in the Photos App or copies it to the clipboard.
  • Immediately prints a page, instantly opens a link in a new page or copies it to the clipboard.
  • Instantly opens documents, such as PDF's, in 3rd party apps.
  • Ability to clear cookies.
  • Displays and allows access to recently visited pages by holding down the forward and backward arrows.
Is Anywhere Filter CIPA-compliant? YES. Anywhere Filter is CIPA-compliant and enforces your Acceptable Use Policy so that regardless of the network a mobile user is on, your Internet filtering settings are implemented. By delivering cross-platform, CIPA-compliant mobile filtering, you can embrace the educational benefits of new wireless technologies.
Does Anywhere Filter provide YouTube Filtering? (YouTube does not currently support the use of YouTube for Schools on iOS devices.)

YES. Anywhere Filter supports YouTube for Schools. In addition to the YouTube EDU videos (found on, teachers and administrators can add their own playlists of videos. Students are focused on the YouTube EDU videos plus any videos added by your school.  All comments and suggested videos are removed and searching is limited to the YouTube EDU videos.

Does Anywhere Filter prevent students from circumventing the filter using proxy servers? YES. To prevent users from circumventing the filter using anonymous proxy servers, Anywhere Filter includes Real-Time Proxy Detection. With this, the Internet can be used productively for learning by keeping students from accessing sites such as Facebook.
Does Anywhere Filter enforce SafeSearch? YES. Anywhere Filter enforces SafeSearch for Google®, Yahoo, and Bing® search engines. It prevents users from accessing anonymous Web proxy sites and is enforced even if a computer is not set for it or a user tries to change it.
Does Anywhere Filter provide reporting of off-network Internet activity? YES. Anywhere Filter allows Administrators to monitor and analyze Internet activity specifically by mobile device for off-network activity.
Can Anywhere Filter integrate with Directory Services (Novell, Microsoft Active Directory, Open Directory)? YES. Anywhere Filter allows you to use your existing Authentication system to facilitate filtering on your laptops and MacBook® devices. For iOS devices, a setting is available to customize filtering to specific groups, such as faculty, elementary and high school students.
Can a student (or user) turn Anywhere Filter off? NO. Anywhere Filter is designed to prevent users from locating its security features. It also provides password protection to add another layer of security to its mobile device and laptop filter.
Does Anywhere Filter slow down Internet access? NO. Anywhere Filter was specifically developed to be fast and lightweight. Bandwidth is saved since Web traffic isn't proxied through a customer's network.
Is there telephone support for Anywhere Filter? YES. Telephone support is available 8am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday, ET (to 7 pm by scheduling a call beforehand). You will never have to step through an automated phone system to troubleshoot a problem. Instead, you will speak directly to a Tech Support Rep who has an extensive background in networking and enterprise-level filtering.


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