Social Media Filtering and Facebook Filtering for School Administrators

Social Media Content Filtering Products

Social media is exploding and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube have become a vital part of both the social lives of children and the social and professional lives of adults. While you may not want to allow your students to have social media access in school, you may want to provide access to Facebook and other Web 2.0 sites to your school administrators. The interactive and collaborative aspects of social media have made it an extremely effective management and administrative tool. Now, with Frontera's built-in social media content filtering products, access to Web 2.0 interactive sites can be safely and selectively provided.

Social Media Content Filtering for Teachers

To use social media applications while still managing content and maintaining security you need a flexible filtering tool. That's exactly what BASCOM's Frontera delivers. It gives the IT Department the social media and Facebook filtering it needs to satisfy CIPA and the Acceptable Use Policy of your school. And, it goes further by providing select teachers with the ability to allow specific Web 2.0, social media content.

With the Global Chalkboard's built-in flexible filtering for granular content selection, students can be directed to groups of blogs, wikis, or NING sites, a single site, or even a single page from a site. Permission controls can be customized for specific teachers, so that Web 2.0 content selections can be made without requiring the assistance of the Technology Department. All of this is accomplished while also maintaining compliance with your school's Acceptable Use Policy.

Customized Social Media Content Filtering

Social media content filtering is accomplished by providing user permissions that allow access to the Social Media category, a sub-category of the Mail & Chat category for select school administrators and teachers, while keeping all others from accessing these sites.

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