BASCOM Adds QR Reader to Mobile Filtering


View how educationally focused features, such as the QR Reader, built into BASCOM's Anywhere Filter browser app give teachers a method of directing students to web content


QR Reader Adds Educational Focus to Mobile Filtering

Anywhere Filter, a mobile web filter browser, includes educational features needed to make learning productive. Anywhere Filter was built specifically for PK-12 education and therefore the browser app delivers mobile filtering while also including the browser functionality teachers want such as a QR Reader.

Immediately Focus Students using Anywhere Filter Mobile Web Filter

Here's how it works. A teacher can post a QR code or hand out an assignment sheet with the code. Then, students use the QR Reader built into the Anywhere Filter mobile web filter for iPad® or other iOS devices to scan it. They are immediately directed to the webpage needed for the lesson. This eliminates any bottlenecks caused by typing long, cumbersome URLs and gets students immediately engaged in education while also keeping them safe using this iPad filter.

Learn More about the Educational Features Built into BASCOM's Mobile Filtering

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