Patented Web Content Filters and Curriculum Solutions for Schools and Libraries

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We’re experts in educational technology.  BASCOM has worked with schools and libraries since 1996, specializing in solutions for safely using the Internet for learning. Our innovations are developed by working closely with our customers, staying current with the latest advances in technology and the needs of the education community.

Our Promise

Technology changes and new challenges emerge. BASCOM will continue to build innovative school web and mobile filters that enable focused, productive learning. We will also continue to provide exemplary technical support.

Our Philosophy

In K-12 schools, an Internet filter is mission critical. It must keep students safe and be able to support instruction. A BASCOM solution does both. It can address different learning scenarios while delivering required security.

Our Technology

BASCOM built the technology to support our philosophy. Our patented filtering with BASCOM Smart Access Technology™ performs intelligent site evaluation to deliver appropriate educational sites. Students using a school-owned device are focused on instructional content both on and off the network. Our patented method also minimizes response time to improve learning and bandwidth usage to save money.

Our Contribution

BASCOM is committed to education. We support learning by contributing BASCOM Faculty Room, a complimentary and comprehensive Internet resource of online tools. These free resources for educators are available anytime, anywhere by visiting

Our Solutions

Fronteradelivers web security for learning on internal networks and mobile devices. It enables YouTube and social media to be used safely and effectively.

Anywhere Filter: provides web filtering for mobile devices. This solution easily integrates with an existing filter or deploys as a standalone solution.

Anywhere Filter Cloud: provides web filtering without the need for a local hardware solution. We have recently enhanced this product by adding Chromebook school content filtering with seamless integration to the Google Management Console and Google Apps for Education™ (GAfE) program.

Patronusprovides libraries with web security on internal networks and mobile devices. It combines flexible, unobtrusive content filtering with robust Internet security.

Devices Supported:

Windows® 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Chromebook™ notebooks and Chromebox™ devices

iOS devices ( iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® )


Our Services

Technical Assistance: Managing a school Internet content filter can be intimidating. Don’t fear. Included in the annual subscription is access to our talented technical support team.  Their goal is to answer your questions so learning stays productive.

BASCOM Cares™: Help is available when it’s needed.  Included with the annual subscription, this personalized customer care program assigns a representative to each account.  It also provides online and telephone support.  The Solution Center—our customer portal for learning about your filter—offers videos, instructions and information on our latest announcements.


BASCOM makes its core technology and intellectual property available through distributors, Value Added Resellers (VARs), network integrators, OEMs, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). BASCOM is a privately held company located in Hauppauge, New York.

BASCOM Partners: This program is committed to building channel business by nurturing relationships and supporting sales. By joining our program a reseller can open new doors, strengthen their position in educaiton, and grow revenue.

Learn More About BASCOM's Web Filters for Schools and Libraries

BASCOM's web content filters and curriculum tools unite technology with instruction. Join the hundreds of schools and libraries around the country that are currently using our web filtering to facilitate student achievement. To learn more, read about BASCOM's Internet filtering solutions, schedule a free product consultation, or call us today at 1-631-434-6600.


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