Anywhere Filter—A Best-of-Breed, Windows 8.1 and 8 Internet Filter

BASCOM Anywhere Filter is a best-of-breed Windows® Internet security solution developed to roll-out Windows 8.1 and 8 devices for mobile learning in schools. It is ideally suited to support one to one programs and is one of the few filtering solutions that work with Windows 8.1 and 8 devices both on and off a school’s network.

Whether using an iPad®, Chromebook, or Windows 8.1/8 mobile device, the need is the same. When that device leaves the school network, it must be filtered in a way that supports learning. Anywhere Filter solves this with a windows 8.1/8 Internet filter that delivers flexible filtering. It supports the dynamic interaction between teachers and students, blocks inappropriate content while also aiding instruction, and delivers mobile filtering with robust Internet security.


Anywhere Filter and Microsoft Tablets for Schools

Microsoft tablets for schools significantly broaden the scope of one to one learning by easily enabling content creation using Office® products already embraced by schools, businesses, and homes. These devices also easily integrate into the Microsoft ecosystem of Active Directory® and device management.

Using Anywhere Filter as a Windows 8.1/8 Internet filter with Microsoft tablets for schools provides a superior solution. Windows products are able to take full advantage of our patented BASCOM Smart Access Technology™  and SSL inspection. This filtering method enables fast, lightweight communication for significant gains in throughput. Since traffic isn’t proxied through a school’s network, the district does not need to pay for as much bandwidth as a full proxy solution.

Learn More about Using Anywhere Filter, a Windows Internet Security Solution

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